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"Hannibal" - FYC Clip : PK: The fact that "Hannibal" is still on the air and getting a third season is pretty much prize enough given those ratings. But this season was even better than last, and it still blows my mind that network television is airing something so dense and gory and thrilling. There's nothing else like it on TV -- network or otherwise -- and it absolutely warrants a best dramatic series nomination. There's no way in hell that's happening, sure, but at least I've made a tiny contribution on the show's behalf. BT: I'll join you with an even tinier contribution of my own. I fully endorse everything you've said (obviously), and humbly add it also features two lead performances as worthy as any of award recognition, which we've pointed out before. Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen are in peak form, matching the formal grace of a show so elegant with its presentation and depiction of the gore you mentioned I, of all people, can stomach it -- and I have a particularly uneasy stomach when it comes to anything bloody. "Hannibal" is high art produced in a low art shell (NBC), and I'll be sad to see something as cheap as "The Blacklist" beat it out for Best Drama Series.

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