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"Hello Ladies" - FYC Clip : Ninety-five percent might be generous in that regard considering the Emmys inability to keep with the times -- if Kevin Spacey wasn't in "House of Cards," they'd probably be discovering Netflix shows next year. But enough venting. My pick is more of a pity endorsement than a full-fledged "pro" vote. Steven Merchant's HBO comedy "Hello Ladies" was cut after its first season by the pay cable network with higher demands for its funny programming (dramas are almost never axed that early), but I felt like it was finding its stride through those first eight episodes. Merchant's lead character, Stuart Pritchard, had one or two too many moments of true dickishness that were being filtered out by the season's end, instead focusing on just how lonely LA can be for someone seeking true intimacy. It's an extremely relevant, relatable topic, and one Merchant found an enjoyable way to explore each week. If only it had gotten another year to perfect its execution.

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