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'Knife in the Water' Trailer : One of the greatest directorial debuts of all time, "Knife in the Water" is a film where mind games between old and young, bourgeois and proletariat become physical. Brilliantly contrasting the openness of the sea with the claustrophobia of the boat that a married couple and an unnamed, virile hitchhiker stay on, Polanski gives them no choice but to deal with each other, until a competition for the affection of the rich man's wife turns nasty as the possession of a knife (large, phallic and brutal) becomes a symbol of power and sexual dominance. It's a pessimistic film where no one is innocent, everyone's playing a game, and none of them can return to their ordinary existence unshaken. Yet it's also one of the most entertaining thrillers of the 1960s, with Polanski showing a knack for working with deep focus and playful editing. [A]

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