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"Mom" - FYC Clip : A show I'm very glad is getting is a getting another year to perfect it's own execution is "Mom." Which I can't believe I'm actually saying about a show that's a) on CBS and b) created by Chuck Lorre. But Chuck Lorre returned to the kind of female-led, crass but emotional comedies that started his career ("Grace Under Fire," "Cybill" and especially "Roseanne") with the series, and it generally was a success as far as I'm concerned. And that was in large part due to it's cast, made up of some of my very favorites: Anna Faris, Allison Janney, Mimi Kennedy, Octavia Spencer... All as recovering alcoholics. Which I realize doesn't sound like a laugh riot, but a lot of the time it really was. And then other times it effectively portrayed the lower middle class in a way that's rarely seen on television these days. It's still no "Roseanne," but "Mom" sensitively and hilariously represents self-proclaimed white trash in a way that is certainly more worthy of a nomination here than Lorre's much-more-likely-to-succeed "The Big Bang Theory."

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