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Olivia Munn - "The Newsroom" (FYC clip) : Aaron Sorkin has caught and continues to catch plenty of flack for "The Newsroom," partly because he deserves it, but also because expectations were just that high heading into the Oscar winner's follow-up to the "The Social Network." I'm sure I was one of the few whooping with joy when Jeff Daniels took home the trophy last year, and as big as a surprise as that was, I'm hoping lightning strikes twice -- not for Daniels, but for his costar Olivia Munn. The ex "Attack of the Show" host has proven herself an acting talent by successfully pushing past many of Sloan's potential pitfalls (Sorkin continues to struggle writing for women) and has elevated her character past the brains vs. beauty trappings of a hot news host. She's funny, quick, and thoroughly engaging in "The Newsroom," and just as worthy of a trophy as her leading man.

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