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"Raising Hope" - FYC Clip : I couldn't agree more about "Sunny" as I see it as the aughts successor to "Seinfeld." It deserves better from the Academy, and I was glad they at least drew attention to it in that episode. But I'm heading from one series that's stuck around for a while another on this list put to pasture. "Raising Hope" earned some Emmys love early on for stars Martha Plimpton and Cloris Leachman (who was nominated for Guest Actress, despite being a pretty regular player). Since then, it's been ignored by Emmys similarly to how the decline in viewership led to its cancellation in 2014. The quality, though, didn't suffer a bit. Plots got a little convoluted for the last few season finales, in what felt like a ratings grab by a show in need of a boost. Otherwise, the poor family rich with love found new ways to surprise us in little moments every week -- especially with Burt's business ventures (Burt bucks!) and Virginia's goofy quests ("Bee Story"!). It's a shame they won't be returning, but a nice parting gift from Emmy would ease the sting a bit.

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