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'Repulsion' Trailer : Polanski's films often deal with innocents driven mad by the world, but there's something terribly wrong with Catherine Denueve's character in "Repulsion" from the beginning. When she hears her sister's orgasms, she looks like she's being tortured. All sexuality is rape to Denueve – her dreams of men dominating her and visions of walls grabbing at her breasts are just stepping-stones to her descent into insanity. It's the rare horror movie where the surreal elements are almost comforting compared to the realistic ones – Deneuve's cold stare, her vivid dreams of sexual violation, and the frankness of the murder scenes. Polanski plays with the idea that she's a woman out of place – a repressed European girl dealing with the sexual permissiveness of swinging London – but a puzzling final shot leaves it open as to whether or not this fear comes from past experience or general repression. That's part of what makes "Repulsion" so effective and disturbing – there’s no answer. [A]

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