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First Look: 'Searching for Sonny' : From writer-director Andrew Disney: "This clip is one of my favorite scenes from "Searching for Sonny." Throughout the movie, we keep learning that Calvin has a colorful history with his former principal, Faden (Michael Hogan), and here we finally get to see what happened ten years ago. I always thought for Calvin, high school, was an epic battle of good vs. evil. Or at least that’s how he’d like to remember it. When he looks back, he sees a standoff between him and the malicious Principal Faden. He hears a Morricone-esque score play in his head. He sees every little thing in beautiful slo-mo. He feels Faden’s nefarious henchmen closing in on the roof. And then he makes the decision only a hero in a movie would make. He takes the plunge, and jumps off. "

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