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"The Newsroom" - FYC Clip : Aaron Sorkin's HBO drama has been met with polarizing reviews. Responses vary from the high praise that met his crowning joy "The West Wing" to defiant dismissals more akin to "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip." I defy anyone in the latter group to watch "Red Team III," the seventh episode of Season 2, and not be pulled toward the other side. "The Newsroom" has never been perfect, but it made leaps forward in its second season, anchored by Jeff Daniels (who won an Emmy last year, shocking a world ready to cheer on Bryan Cranston) and Olivia Munn (who's excelled in a role originally much smaller than it stands today). Hate if you must, but Sorkin's eternal optimism is contagious, and -- objectively -- his writing caught up with his grandiosity last year. I'd love to see the Emmys recognize the show as a whole just as they did Daniels individually.

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