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"The Newsroom" Season 3 Teaser : Many critics of Aaron Sorkin's Emmy-winning HBO drama "The Newsroom" have been turned off by, well, a number of things (poorly constructed female characters, self-indulgent liberal pandering, Alison Pill), but one thing that's evident to everyone from the get go is the show's creator and characters do not, I repeat, do NOT like technology. They are not friends to the internet. They're not going to adapt with the times. They would never win a Streamy award, and, frankly, they do not give a damn. So it should come as little to no surprise the first glimpse we get of the show's upcoming final season is not footage of the show's upcoming final season, but instead script pages being scanned and copied by a copy machine that really deserved its time in the spotlight. We get flashes of big words like "whistleblower," "encryption key," and "espionage," which all adds up to one very likely scenario: "The Newsroom" Season 3 -- which the video announced will premiere in November -- will cover WikiLeaks. The teaser also promises some personal drama with Will being accused of content of court and asked to surrender to U.S. Marshals. Sadly, there is no mention of Will and Maggie's wedding or of the Genoa scandal (unless they're talking about Jerry Dantana as "the whistleblower").

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