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“The Newsroom” Season 3 Trailer

We’ve been waiting patiently for our fist glimpse at the final season of “The Newsroom,” and after some truly questionable teasers, the real deal doesn’t disappoint.

Will McAvoy (Emmy-winner Jeff Daniels) is in top form from the start, making comically inaccurate speeches before blowing up about sourcing information properly. The Boston marathon is mentioned, with Dev Patel’s Neal Sampat predicting social media will crack this case. Neal is again thrust to the forefront when he’s offered illegal documents carrying national security risks (a la Edward Snowden), and then threatened with heavy litigation if he publishes them.

“The Newsroom” has always been a bit of an emotional roller coaster (a phrase Sorkin-proxy McAvoy would undoubtedly despise), careening from romance to hard news to physical comedy to complex journalistic endeavors to Daniels singing Rebecca Black’s “Friday” at the newsdesk. Sorkin put hard line in the sand from the get go, however, sticking with his guns while facing more criticism than ever over his “hindsight is 20/20” version of historical fiction (well, maybe he caught more flack for “Studio 60”). So it should come as no surprise Season 3 looks very much like Seasons 1 & 2, for better or for worse.

The final episodes begin Sunday, November 9 at 9pm on HBO. Will you be watching?

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