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'The Tenant' Trailer : Polanski's final film before his permanent exile from the U.S. is also his most unhinged and arguably his most disturbing. The final part of a loose trilogy "Apartment Trilogy" that started with "Repulsion" and "Rosemary’s Baby," the film stars Polanski as a Polish-born accountant living in Paris who believes his xenophobic neighbors are either trying to force him to suicide like the previous (female) tenant or, more bizarrely, trying to turn him into the previous tenant. The movie starts out crazy and gets crazier, mixing creepy surrealism (Polanski dropping bits of trash as he takes his garbage out, only to come back and find them missing), terror (the previous tenant inexplicably appearing across the way and giving him a creepy smile), and flat-out weirdness (Polanski slapping a small child for no discernible reason). The film's thesis isn’t as clear as his earlier efforts, but it's still a highly effective story about how the world's insanity poisons the mind. [B+]

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