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‘Two Days, One Night’ Bird Song Clip

Two Days, One Night tells the story of Sandra (Marion Cotillard), a working-class mother who loses her job, but who has a fighting chance — and one weekend — to get it back.

Almost immediately after returning to her factory job following a mental health leave, Sandra is laid off because her fellow line workers voted to receive a bonus rather than to keep her as the seventeenth person on the team. When she learns that their team leader persuaded them to vote against her under false pretenses, Sandra convinces the plant manager to hold a second, secret vote. It’s now Friday afternoon, leaving Sandra only two days and one night to save her job and, quite possibly, the life her family knows. Swallowing her pride, Sandra sets out with her loving husband (Fabrizio Rongione) to convince her sixteen co-workers, one by one, to vote in her favour.

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