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‘Winter In The Blood’ Clip

Virgil First Raise wakes with a shiner and a hangover in a roadside ditch on the hardscrabble plains of Montana. Haunted by the death of his beloved older brother Mose on a cattle drive twenty years earlier, Virgil is a dead man walking…

Solitary, numbed by alcohol, emotionally distant, and frozen against the possibility of love or commitment— he stumbles home to the isolated cattle ranch only to learn that his wife, Agnes, has stolen his rifle and electric razor and left for town. He sets off to find her–

His search for his renegade wife leads him off the Reservation and into a quixotic, modern-day visionquest. Virgil moves ever closer to oblivion— until he discovers a long-hidden revelation, and recovers his true identity.

Redeemed by this knowledge, Virgil becomes freed from the paralyzing shackles of loss, renews the bond of blood between himself and the land– and makes peace with the winter ghosts that haunt him.

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