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Earth’s Golden Playground

Dawson City, Yukon, ushers in another Gold Rush as a new wave of amateur prospectors, treasure hunters and adventure-seekers chase rainbows in the hopes of finding their pot of gold. In these times of economic instability, the high price of gold and the myth of the motherlode draw loners and family men alike to the remote Canadian wilderness. A dramatic soundtrack lends ominous suspense to this desolate observational that looks past the whisky-soaked outlaw mythology of the Klondike to focus on the efforts of contemporary miners. Digging through the permafrost is a livelihood for some and a lifestyle for others. After all, how many money-making pursuits offer thousands of dollars on the ounce, exotic travel and four months of vacation? Dusty dreamers share their theories and map out where they think their windfall might lie. Are they delusional or simply determined? In the end, will they find what they came looking for? [Synopsis courtesy of Hot Docs]