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    Watch: First Clip From 'All Is Lost' Starring Robert Redford

    Even with films from big-hitters like Alexander Payne, James Gray, Jim Jarmusch and Roman Polanski still to come, it seems to us like it's been a pretty decent year at Cannes so far (with our personal highlights including "Inside Llewyn Davis," "Like Father Like Son" and "We Are What We Are"). But t...

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  • Thompson on Hollywood

    Critics Groups Votes: What is Their Impact?

    It's hard to keep up with the various critics groups around the country, which have far less impact on the final Oscar race than the early votes from New York and Los Angeles. Check the San Francisco Critics Circle winners below against the Screen Actors Guild votes today, for example, which are...

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  • Leonard Maltin

    Margin Call—movie review

    Margin Call manages to put a human face on the current economic crisis—but I wish it was as good as its trailer, which is forceful, well-edited, and dramatically scored. The film itself has many good qualities, and an exceedingly strong cast, but it’s a bit dry.

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