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A Picture of You

Following their mother’s death, siblings Kyle (Andrew Pang) and Jen (co-writer Jo Mei) drive from New York City to their mom’s home in rural, eastern Pennsylvania to pack up her belongings and prepare the house for sale. Long estranged, their sibling rivalry and tension is apparent from the opening scene. Kyle, frustrated, wants to get the packing done as soon as possible. He is also resentful of his sister’s obvious absence during their mother’s illness before her death. Jen, annoyed by her brother’s foul mood, seems equally bothered with the obligatory ritual of packing, but soon becomes nostalgic about their mother as she reads through books to be packed and documents to be shredded or kept. As the film unfolds, the focus becomes less about the rivalry between brother and sister and more about their mother’s life in the lakeside community. In going through her belongings and talking to neighbors, the siblings reconstruct their mom’s late life persona through reflections on the neighbors’ stories, their mom’s notes in books and pictures of her. Over the course of an eventful weekend, both Kyle and Jen learn about the generous, independent, intellectual, free-spirited, sexual woman beyond the person they knew as simply “Mom.” [Synopsis courtesy of LA Asian Pacific Film Festival]