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Parker Posey’s Slant on "Suburbia", Day 3

Parker Posey's Slant on "Suburbia", Day 3

by Parker Posey

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Date: Thu, Mar 28, 1996 2:22 PM EDT

From: Bosepud

Subj: pp’s s on s, day 3


Sent on: MAC

Day 3

Yesterday was the first day of rehearsal.

It was so IN.TENSE!

You know, I’ve worked with Rick before, and he’s REALLY famous for his “process”, especially the rehearsals.

WHERE TO START?!?!?!?!?!?!

I got up early, of course, a couple of hours early…The night before was the Academy Awards, and I was tossing and turning all night, fantasizing about being there with All those actors and actresses, Crying. I wanted to be there crying with all of them So Badly. I wanted to present an Award and act all slutty like Sharon and Angela, flirting with their partner presenters. DOn’t kid yourself, it’s not EASY getting up there and acting stupid! It’s Hard! And actresses practice A LOT trying to act that way! practice practice practice…

Well, at yesterday’s PRACTICE, Steve Zahn had just gotten in town from the Tom Hanks movie he just finished. We hugged. And I hugged everyone else again.

Anyway. Rick started the rehearsal out, by having us all sit down in a circle, and close our eyes…and then each of us would say the first thing that came into our minds. And we could only say ONE word.

Aimee: Love

Vonnie: Me

Jace: Forever

Nicky: Suck

Ajay: You

Steve: Everyone

then I said: Suburbia.

And everyone kinda looked at me like I couldn’t’ve been thinking that, but I WAS. Ya’ know?

We played the circle game for like HOURS, and it got incredibly INTENSE and SOMEHOW everyone ended up Cry-ING!, ’cause we had ALL gone back into the Womb!!!!! We were all lying down by this point, and I cheated and Opened my eyes, and Every single Body was in the Fetal position! Just Bawling! I don’t remember EXACTLY when the trip to the womb Began, ’cause I was in a semi Trance, but I think it was with the word “Window”. And then Nicky said, “MOM”. And…..you know….people just Lost it!

Rick then went into a separate room, for the “one on one” meetings, where he Hugged me Sooooooooo Long, and told me “everything’ll be okay”. Rick is so Knowledgeable. So Strong. And so There for me. He is like, There. He’s just THERE. Ya know? He also told me that he’s Really gonna push me on this film….emotionally. I told him, “Hey, Man. Ya know, you KNOW me, you Know I’m so totally Up for that, that’s what I’m here for. That’s why I’m who I am.” And after that serious moment, he gave me a friendly Slap on my butt (I blushed), and said, “Send Amiee (amee? amy? sp?!) in!” He had saved Amie for last. But, that’s okay. She IS, you know, The Lead and all.

Now that I think about it, or now that I Remember, we had allot of “one on one’s” with Rick during Dazed and Confused. He was never nothing but a gentleman to me. ***I mean, not all the girls said that, but you know, To Each His own. That’s life.

After Lunch, we played another Circle game. Everyone knows it. It’s the one where you whisper a word in the persons ear next to you, and then that person whispers that word to the person next to them, and by the time you get around the circle The original word has CHANGED! ‘Cause someone didn’t hear it right! Inevidently, of course, we ended up talking about all of our childhoods (it’s a Childhood game, y’know, so.), and everyone got SO emotional and quiet. It was so sad. Nicky came from like a Really Bad family, and so did Vonnie and the two of them just sat there for I SWEAR 2 and a half hours, talking about their fathers. After Nicky had ANOTHER horrific story, Vonnie had an even More Horrific one. It was like watching a Painful tennis match, like turning my head Slowly back and forth NOT wanting to HEAR ANYMORE, but yet Wanting to…y’know. And then, after you know, just Tears from everyone, Rick suggested “A group lie down”…

Time out! Rick is SO CUTE with all his little games! He made all these games up himself! He is such a GENIUS! SO intelligent and smart. Whew! He’s like you know, Guru Slacker Director, MAN, he’s like IT. And he plays the part SO well, too. Constantly making Eye Contact, to the point where it’s a little uncomfortable and you have to look away? But he would win in a game of Stare Down…or whatever that games called….So, Rick suggested a “group lie down”, and I looked over at Nicky who was just Pacing back and forth, just Revved up, just All this anger seething out of him, he reminded me of a Caged Animal, and I went over to him (we’re not supposed to talk to anyone but Rick when we’re playing the acting games…but I went over to Nicky anyway), and I started pacing with him, and I took his hand, and I said, “NICKY?NICKY?NICKY?!!!!!” He stopped, and just put his hands on my shoulders, and he Looked like he was IN.SANE>. I said, “Nicky” again, and he just Snapped out of it.

Nicky was being “Tim”–his character in Suburbia. ANd I SAW the transformation. It was well, a Miracle. I know that’s a strong word, but it’s the only one I can think of. I said, “It’s time for the Group Lie Down.”

He was back to Nicky again. He and I have worked together before. And I feel I know him. Anyway. The G.L.D. was fun. We all lied down as close as we could to eachother. Like Sardines, like Spooning. And Rick turned out all the lights, of course, and lit candles and burned incense. We all hummed and rocked back and forth, and Rick would take turns sandwiching himself into our little sardine can we had made.

I had dozed off a little, and when I woke up, I saw Ajay and Jayce sleeping. I turned on the light, the candles were all burned down, and I gently went over to the boys and woke them. It was dark out, and there was a Note taped to the door. Rick, Amie, Vonnie, Nicky and Steve had all gone out for drinks at The Hole in the Wall, and said we were welcome to join them. We decided to go down to the Hotel Bar, and order our “characters” favorite drink. And then, Ajay and Jayce wanted to walk to the 7-11, and hang out with the Locals, ’cause you know, the film takes place outside a convenience store…..I passed on this, ’cause it was raining out, and anyway Erica’s from Bel Air, and That kind of thing’s not her cup of tea, you know.

SO. That was the first day. The second day I wasn’t included in on. I had my wardrobe fitting, and I finished unpacking. I went shopping and decorated my Hotel room with potpouree and candles. I went by 7-11 and force fed myself and bean and cheese burrito, ’cause that’s what the other characters would eat at the 7-11 they hand out in front of….and it was pretty good.

Came back to my hotel room, listened to Erica’s lines on my walkman, and when I was ready I threw up that bean and cheese burrito and brushed my teeth and took a bath.

That’s it for now!

more later.

parker posey

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