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Parker Posey’s Slant on "Suburbia", Day 5

Parker Posey's Slant on "Suburbia", Day 5

by Parker Posey

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Date: Sat, Mar 30, 1996 9:02 PM EDT

From: Bosepud

Subj: PP’s S on S, day 5


Sent on: MAC

Day 5

Rick showed up (LATE) wearing Satin PJ’s and a Satin robe, and a SASH around his waist and around his head! Not only that, but he was carrying a Sword and a Staff! He looked INCREDIBLE! He read an excerpt from Shakespeare’s Julius Ceasar he had written on his Hand. It was beautiful. And then he took of his crown (from Burger King) and stomped on it. He was all, “FIE! FIE! Fie on it!”

Today was the day we talked in “Shakepeare Gibberish”. It’s a Favorite of Rick’s games. It’s like um, a normal conversation, except you add a little “anon” on the end. Or um, like…..”swounds!” “Alack!” Or instead of “forever” you say “fore’er”. “never” is “ne’er” . “It is” would be “t’is”. It’s a pretty heady game. The whole point of it is, is to Heighten our use of Language. So when we start working on the lines in Suburbia, it won’t be as much of a challenge. It’ll be Easier.

I’m still listening to my lines on my walkman. I have exactly 23 lines in the film. I’ve written more lines for myself, of course. Fingers Cross, Everyone! Cross your fingers! Let’s hope Rick’ll let me say the lines ERICA (my character) Wants to Say!

We ended the days rehearsal with Light as a Feather. It’s a “childhood game”, many acting games are. And what you do, is call on a spirit to help lift the person off the ground, ONLY USING TWO FINGERS, and you say, “light as a feather, light as a feather” over and over again. Everyone was lifted up, it was Beautiful. Awesome. Rick put his Sash he had had around his head, over his eyes, to “Contact the Suburbia Spirit” more easily. He said the Spirits name is “Bubby”. We ARE in Texas, I mean, HELLO. Bubby is the name of our spiritual protector on the film. (Daisy was the spirits name on Dazed and Confused, b.t.w.) We’ll ask for Bubby’s help when it rains, and when we actors forget lines. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Spirits are weird that way.

Later on we All hung out in Nicky’s room. We drank Allot and talked about the film. I can NEVER get tired of talking about acting! It is such a Mystery, and a talent and a Gift. Everyone knew they were gonna be actors at a very early age….like around 6. And we all just have so much in common! It was such a relief to hang with the cast and just TALK. Amie and Dina and I already feel like sisters, or like Charlie’s Angels!!!! And the boys just were so Fun and Loud and just you know…..they kept making sound affects. Guys do that allot y’know? “the airplane went ‘zzzzzzzzzoooooooommmmmm”, then it crashed ‘pppppshhhhhkkrrrrrrrrrrr'” They were all standing up at one point shooting eachother, miming guns and making gun sounds! It was so Fun to watch! The kinda ignored the girls, but….ha! THAT won’t last long, I can tell you That much.

going to sleep.

more later.

Less is more.

There are no small parts, just small actors.

parker posey

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