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Parker Posey’s Slant on "Suburbia", Day 10

Parker Posey's Slant on "Suburbia", Day 10

by Parker Posey

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Date: Thu, Apr 11, 1996 8.29 PM EDT

From: Bosepud

Subj: day 10


Sent on: MAC

We’ve started reading through the script yesterday.

It was odd how Rick completely ignored what the cast is calling “the Jim Jones gone psychedelic Incedent” of two days ago. He’s getting into a more studius (stoo-dee-us) mind set, by wearing glasses (without the lenses!) and he holds a pipe during the read throughs…which he doesn’t smoke, THANK GOD.

We are only up to page 20 in the script. It’s like you know, beating a dead horse in the ground. Vonnie keeps asking for “Line”, and Amie, who was on book, even though she’s acting in the film, kept feeding Vonnie his lines. I thought Amie and Vonnie were “together”, a Couple, but if my female intuition serves me well, I’d say her and Rick are flirting with eachother.

I have not said ONE of my lines yet.

It’s you know…Hey….It’s alright, you know, but it’s like, I am in a creative CAGE right now, and the zoo keeper, which is Rick, has the Key and won’t let me come out.

Jayce is out of control. He plays Pony, I am his Publicist. And Jayce is like, disrupting rehearsal right and left. He’s so loud and rude, but somehow endearing and charming. I told Somnia (“Pakeesa”, whose husband Ajay, “Nazeer” owns the convenient store), that I think the reason Jayce is getting rambunktious is ’cause he’s turning into his character, the rock star, “Pony”. And Me, Erica, would be annoyed with him anyway. I am, as they say in the acting world, “using it”, “making it work for me”.

I sat on my book of notes about my character for 8 hours yesterday and today. I am a Volcano about to erupt. I am in the creative cage with a Volcano behind me. No, I take that back. I am In a Vocano, which is In a creative cage.

I have headaches (and heartaches) when I’m listening to all the actors read their lines. It’s really sad. I feel like crying all the time.

Well. Somia, Amie and Dina are gonna come over to console me. We are going to drink herbal tea and talk about acting and boys.

Oh, and by the way, Nicky and Steve have the Biggest Attitude Adjustment problems. But, Gee, are they CUTE or what!

I must clean up and light candles and incence for when the girls come over.



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