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Parker Posey’s Slant on "Suburbia", Day 11

Parker Posey's Slant on "Suburbia", Day 11

by Parker Posey

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Date: Fri, Apr 12, 1996 8.30 PM EDT

From: Bosepud

Subj: day 11


Sent on: MAC


Where to start?

We, the women of Suburbia have named ourselves, The Feline Four. We celebrated our womanhood last night and are holding on tight to our Feminine Power. Dina still wants to strip for her role of “Bee Bee”, the suicidal weirdo., and the women, I mean Womyn, feel it’s Alright and Good if it’s done in the name of our Power and not the name of Masculine Men Power. It’s such a fine line to walk, but with the right music and the right dance moves, I can honeslty say we could ALL do some kind of dancing in this movie. Somia, who did the play in New York, with Eric Bagosian, said that Eric won’t mind at all. But, I don’t know.

The Feline Four went into my bathroom last night and we all did our lines in front of the mirror for eachother. We support eachother SO MUCH!

I really thought the Boys would be more into us in this movie, but they’re not really. Well, I mean, at 4 o’clock in the morning, YEAH, SURE they are! Steve and Nicky, “Uh. Sorry to wake you, Parker, can you come over so we can run our lines”. They are all calling our rooms late at night wanting to do character work. Thinking you know, that we’re stupid and loose. I mean, sure, I’ll be up for character work at midnight, but not After. Vonnie’s mad at Amie ’cause Amie let Rick be “Jeff” the other day during the scene where they kiss. And I told Amie, “Doesn’t Vonnie KNOW Rick is the Director and can BE ANY of the characters at ANY TIME?!” Duh. And Vonnie’s mad ’cause Rick’s giving him “line readings”. Line readings are when the director says the lines for the actor and wants the actor to imitate him precisely. DOes that make sense? Um…..It’s like somone putting words in your mouth, and expecting you to say them Exactly the way they put them in your mouth. It’s like Simon Says. It’s fun. And I can’t believe Vonnie has such an attitude about not wanting to imitate Rick. I mean, if Rick’s gonna take time out and do Vonnie’s part for 3 hours, like he did today, then Learn from it…ya know?


My first lines are “Uh huh. yeah. yeah. right. Sounds cool.” It’s takes place on my cellular phone. And I thought and thought and thought about How to say those lines, and my first impulse was to have the phone call be Tragic, ’cause it’s the complete Opposite Choice to make, the least obvious, and I did it that way. Everyone was like, “I can’t believe how Easy it is for you to Cry!” Even Rick was a little blown away. But then he told me to just “try it really fast” without the tears, and like I was Really on the phone, and it worked great that way, too. I mean, Whatever the director wants. For Now, at least.

I’ve been thinking. The Best time, the most appropriate time to give RIck my line changes is gonna be on set, when the camera’s there, and I’m in my costume. Only then will I REALLY FEEL my character, Erica….y’know?

Gotta go, Nicky comes over to rehearse our scene from 9 to midnight, and I gotta clean my room and get my Binaca and breath mints together. We kiss in the scene.

It’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it!

Ha HA!

I’m so funny sometimes.

All the World’s a Stage!

parker posey

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