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Parker Posey’s Slant on "Suburbia", Day 6

Parker Posey's Slant on "Suburbia", Day 6

by Parker Posey

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Date: Fri, Apr 5, 1996 8:16 PM EDT

From: Bosepud

Subj: PP’s S onS, day 6


Sent on: MAC

Our first weekend together with the whole cast. Samia, who plays Ajay’s wife got in town, and she is WILD. She got in town just in time for rehearsal on Saturday.

We played a game called, “When I am rich and loaded”. It’s a fantasy game, of course, where everyone pretends he/she has money. It took a long time to get what everyone was wearing, right. I “wore” a princess costume with one of those cones on my head, and Lace, just LACE all around everywhere. Dina said That’s what she wanted to wear, but since we were picking straws to see who went first, I got to “wear” the princess costume. Dina went with her second choice, a Las Vegas Stripper costume, not unlike Crystal in Showgirls, except Dina’s jewels were REAL.

Rick was wearing a Tuxedo. In real life. It really wasn’t fair.

Vonni’s walking around in character. He’s “drunk” all the time.

Steve’s in character, too, he’s “tripping” or “stoned”.

Vonnie and Steve play like best friends in the movie, and there’s a vote being taken on whether or not the two guys have fooled around before or not. I’ve voted yes, but the decision really is in the hands of their characters. Or in “Bubby” our spiritual guide. The guys talked about “circle jerks” today. I never knew they were such an intersting band. I didn’t quite follow. Jayce was all, “Circle Jerks in room 223!” only the boys were invited.

I’m so glad Somia is here, and wish my character had something to say to her in the movie. Since “Erica” doesn’t have anything to say to her, I won’t be able to converse with her like I’d prefer. I mean, My character says Nothing to her character! WHY would I try to hang with her in real life? I like her, though, and we passed notes to eachother about whether or not it’s wise to be friends. I just Don’t Know!

****Vonnie and Amie are definitely messing around. It was inevidible. Indeniable.

We did character work in various bars around Austin.

Since I play the slut in the movie, I took a guy home, a Local Musician, in a band called Bongo Hate (his name’s Ben). I told him I was a publicist, intoduced myself as “Erica”, and I was drinking water, and saying it was gin, I just Love acting Drunk! So when it was time, I took him to my hotel room. I opened the door, and said, “game’s over!” And he was all, “Huh?” “I’m an ACTRESS”, I said, and I told him to “hold on for a second”, as I closed the door in his face, and got my script and showed it to him.

I felt bad and bought him a drink at the hotel bar. He got kinda mad at me for “shattering his dream” or something, and told me he liked Erica better than Parker. I was of course, Flattered. I’m all about the WORK! It was the ultimate compliment.

I leave you with my 3 favorite acting words:






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