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Taos Unveils Lineup, "Smoke Signals" to Open

Taos Unveils Lineup, "Smoke Signals" to Open

Taos Unveils Lineup, "Smoke Signals" to Open

by Mark Rabinowitz

The fourth annual Taos Talking Pictures Festival announced its lineup on
Monday, and boasts over 45 feature films, including 3 world and 11 U.S.
premieres, along with numerous shorts and videos, opening with “Smoke
.” Directed by Chris Eyre and written by Sherman Alexie, “Smoke
Signals” was an audience fave at the recent Sundance FIlm Festival and
took home the Audience Award and Filmmakers Trophy. The film is also an
upcoming Miramax release. Closing the fest will be Lutz Leonhardt’s
Swiss/German co-production, “Zakir And His Friends.” In addition to the
regular program, the festival will feature several tributes, along with
screenings of the tribute films.

The tributes and lineup are as follows:

Tributees (And Tribute Films):

Juraj Jakubisko – Maverick Award – “An Ambiguous Report About The End Of
The World

Paul Schrader – Howard Hawks Storytelling Award – “Affliction

Moctesuma Esparza – Cineaste Award – “The Milagro Beanfield War

Loretta Todd – Taos Mountain Award – “Today Is A Good Day

Celebrating 100 Years Of Filmmaking In New Mexico – “Lonely Are The

Feature Films:

Affliction” (U.S., 1997): Director: Paul Schrader – Howard Hawks
Storytelling Award

An Ambiguous Report About The End Of The World” (Czech Republic, 1997):
Director: Juraj Jakubisko – Maverick Award

The Assistant” (Canada-U.K., 1997): Director: Daniel Petrie

Brother Tied” (U.S. 1997) Director: Derek M. Cainfrance

The Children Of Heaven” (Iran, 1997): Writer/Director: Majid Majidi

The Feather Fairy” (Czechoslovakia, 1985): Director: Juraj Jakubisko –
Maverick Award

Fibra Optica” (Mexico, 1998): Writer/Director: Francisco Athié-U.S.

Gadjo Dilo” (France, 1997): Writer/Director/Composer/Producer: Tony

Gudia” (India, 1997): Director/Cinematographer: Goutam Ghose

The James Gang” (U.K., 1997): Director: Mike Barker-U.S. PREMIERE

Jerome” (U.S., 1997): Director/Producer/Screenplay: Thomas Johnston,
David Elton, Eric Tignini

La Buena Estrella” (“Lucky Star“): (Spain, 1997): Director: Ricardo

Lonely Are The Brave” (Celebrating 100 Years Of Filmmaking In New
Mexico) (U.S., 1962: Director: David Miller

Marquise” (France, 1997): Director: Vera Belmont

The Milagro Beanfield War” (U.S., 1988): (Moctesuma Esparza – Cineaste
Award), Director: Robert Redford
; Producer: Moctesuma Esparza, Robert

My Secret Cache” (Japan, 1997): Director: Shinobu Yaguchi

Olympia” (U.S., 1998): Director: Robert Byington

One Life And Two Trails” (Venezuela, 1997): Director: Alberto

The Planet Of Junior Brown” (Canada, 1997): Director/Co-Writer: Clement

The Secret Life Of Algernon” (Canada, 1997): Director: Charles

Shoemaker” (Canada, 1996): Director: Colleen Murphy

Smoke Signals” (U.S., 1998): Director/Co-Producer: Chris Eyre-OPENING

Splitsville“: (U.S., 1998): Director: Lynn Hamrick-WORLD PREMIERE

Sticks” (U.S., 1998): Writer/Director: Brett Mayer-WORLD PREMIERE

A Stranger In The Kingdom” (U.S., 1997): Director/Producer/Co-Writer:
Jay Craven

Tomorrow Night” (U.S., 1998): Director/Producer/Screenwriter: Louis

Unmade Beds” (U.K./U.S., 1997): Director: Nicholas Barker

Wilbur Falls” (U.S., 1998): Director/Writer: Juliane Glantz-WORLD

Windhorse” (U.S., 1998): Director/Producer: Paul Wagner

The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit” (U.S., 1997, 80 Min.): Director: Stuart

Zakir And His Friends” (Switzerland/ Germany, 1997): Director: Lutz


Charles Mingus: Triumph Of The Underdog” (U.S., 1997):
Director/Producer: Don Mcglynn

Dirt” (U.S., 1998): Director/Camera/Editor: David Hayward Evans-U.S.

The Farm” (U.S., 1998): Directors/Producers: Jonathan Stack, Liz

Fury For The Sound: The Women Of Clayoquot” (Canada, 1997):
Writer/Director/Producer: Shelley Wine

Gerrie And Louise” (Canada, 1997): Director/Narrator: Sturla
Gunnarsson-U.S. PREMIERE

The Gift” (Canada, 1998): Director: Gary Farmer and “Ya Basta!”
(Belgium, 1998) Director: Thierry Zeno-U.S. PREMIERE

High Strange New Mexico” (U.S., 1997): Director: James Lujan

Kelly Loves Tony” (U.S., 1998): Video Diarists: Kelly Saeturn, Tony
Saelio; Producer/Director: Spencer Nakasako Preceded By The
Award-Winning “Cuba 15” (U.S., 1997): Director: Elizabeth Schub

Long Haired Warriors” (U.S., 1998): Producer/Editor: Mel Halbach

Punching The Clown: A Portrait Of Henry Phillips” (U.S., 1998):
Writer/Director: Gregori Viens

The Race To Save 100 Years ” (U.S., 1997): Director: Scott Benson

Sam Shepard: Stalking Himself” (U.S., 1998): Director: Sarah Teale-U.S.

Today Is A Good Day (Canada, 1998, 55 Min.): Director/Producer: Loretta

Motherhood (145 Min.):

Just Mom And Me (D. Yvette Torell, U.S., 1998, 75
Min.); The Andre Show (D. Beverly Peterson, U.S., 1997, 43 Min.); The
Waiting Children
(D. Ethan Silverman, U.S., 1997, 26 Min.)

Family Film Showcase

Friendship’s Field” (U.S., 1996): Director: Bruce Neibaur

The Treasure Seekers” (Great Britain, 1997): Director: Juliet May

U’bejani” (U.S., 1997): Director/Screenplay: Wayne Crawford

Native American Shorts Programs:

Resilience (120 Min.):
Resilience (D. Amy Happ, U.S., 1997, 13 Min.); Spudwrench: Kahnawake Man
(D. Alanis Obomsawin, Canada, 1998, 55 Min.); Picturing A People: George
Johnston, Tlingit Photographer
(D. Carol Geddes, Canada, 1997, 52 Min.)

New Native Video (98 Min.)::

Indian Princess Demystified (D. Lorraine Norrgard, U.S., 1998, 30 Min.);
When The Fire Dims (D. Daniel Golding, U.S., 1997, 13 Min.); Breath Of
(D. Stephan Jonas, John Gibbons, U.S., 1997, 8 Min.); Native
Children To Children: Insight On Hiv/Aids
(D. Beverly Singer, U.S.,
1998. 15 Min.); Carved From The Heart (D. Ellen Frankenstein, Louise
Brady, U.S., 1997, 30 Min.)

Film Shorts Programs

Animation ’98 (102 Min):

Duel (D. Pavel Koutsky, Czech Republic, Canada, 1997, 7 Min.);
Repetition Compulsion (D. Ellie Lee, U.S., 1997, 7 Min.); Blue Beard’s
Last Wife
(D. Alexandre Bounov, France, 1997, 13 Min.); Ground
Zero/Sacred Ground
(D. Karen Aqua, U.S., 1997, 9 Min.); Parachute (D.
Laura Heit, U.S., 1997, 17 Min.); Cup-O-Abominations (D. Ben Hillman,
U.S., 1998, 5 Min.); Exploitation (D. Scott Clark, U.S., 1998, 1 Min.);
The Old Man And The Goblins (D. Mark Caballero & Seamus Walsh, U.S.,
1998, 4 Min.); The Circular Ruins (D. Julie Goldstein, 1998, 6 Min.);
Flatworld (D. Daniel Greaves, Great Britain, 1997, 29 Min.); Linear
(D. Richard Reeves, Canada, 1998, 7 Min.)

Borders Shorts Program (76 Min.):

A Sheepherder’s Homecoming (D. Allen Moore, Lou Werner, Birch Carpenter,
U.S., 1996, 40 Min.); Paletero’s Blues (D. Akira Boch, U.S., 1998, 16
Min.); There Goes The Neighborhood (D. Michael Tolajian, U.S., 1997, 20

Connections (87 Min.):

Soup Or Salad? (D. Mitchell Bard, U.S., 1997, 5 Min.); Solace In
(D. Mike Cross, U.S., 1997, 9 Min.); Anton, Mailman (D. Dina
Waxman, U.S., 1997, 13 Min.); Line-Up (D. Elisa Blatteis, U.S., 1997, 20
Min.); Anna In The Sky (D. Mark Edgington, U.S., 1997, 10 Min.); Doe In
The Headlights
(D. Alton Walpole, U.S., 1998, 30

Fame And Misfortune Shorts Program (102 Min.):

One Clean Move (D. D.W. Brown, U.S., 1997, 16 Min.); Four Second Delay
(D. Rod Lurie, U.S., 1998, 27 Min.); Great Poets Die … (D. Tim Arnold,
U.S., 1997, 12 Min.); Waiting For Woody (D. Grant Heslov, U.S., 1998, 30
Min.); Down (D. Nathan Gray, Jim Shaughnessy, U.S., 1997, 17 Min.)

The George Méliès Award:

The Georges Méliès Award, Named In Honor Of The Pioneering Figure In
Cinematography, Is Being Sponsored By Kodak’s Professional Motion
Imaging Division, Hollywood Rentals And Allied’s New Independent Labs.

The George Méliès Cinematography Award Shorts Program (108 Min.):

Nude Descending (D. Riad Galayini, U.S., 1997, 12 Min.); My House Is On
(D. Rodrigo & Ariel Dorfman, U.S., 1997, 19 Min.); Drought (D. Lisa
Moncure, U.S., 1997, 27 Min.); The Hangman’s Bride (D. Naomi Mccormack,
Canada, 1996, 20 Min.); El Dia La Noche Y Los Muertos (D. Steve Mykolyn,
Canada, 1997, 30 Min.)

Wild Wild West (95 Min.):

El Don De La Vista (D. Malek Stephen Akkad, U.S., 1997, 8 Min.); A Guy
Walks Into A Bar
(D. Carmen Elly, U.S., 1997, 28 Min.); The Hounds Of
(D. Nick Guida, U.S., 1997, 24 Min.); Sally & Angela (Divertimento)
(D. Mark Wilkinson, U.S., 1998, 12 Min.); Lowdown (D. Michael Scott
Meyers, U.S., 1998, 23 Min.)

Video Shorts Programs

Sadie Benning: The Alternative Screen:

The Judy Spots (U.S., 1995, 15 Min.); German Song (U.S., 1995, 6 Min.);
Flat Is Beautiful (U.S., 1998, 50 Min.)

Modest Proposals (92 Min.):
Front Room (D. Pierre Yves Clouin, France, 1997, 2 Min.); Ebonic Plague
(D. Ian C. D. Moore, U.S., 1997, 13 Min.); Phony Trilogy (D. Emily
Breer, Joe Gibbons, U.S., 1997, 5 Min.); Counterfeit Music Videos #1
And #4
(D. Robert Attanasio, U.S., 1996 And 1998, 9 Min.);
Animaquiladora (D. Alex Rivera, Lalo Lopez, U.S., 1997, 10 Min.); Le
(D. Igor Vamos, U.S., 1998, 58 Min.)

New Mexico Video (76 Min.):

Los Pastores (D. Judy Chaikin, U.S., 1997, 30 Min.); Cruize (D.
Anne-Lise Breun, U.S., 1997, 24 Min.); How The Miracle Of Masturbation
Saved Me From Becoming A Teenage Space Alien
(D. Dulcie Clarkson, U.S.,
1997, 22 Min.)

Space Time Discontinuum (59 Min.):

Once (D. Romeo Alaeff, U.S., 1997, 6 Min.); Crush (D. Nelson Henricks,
Canada, 1997, 12 Min.); Fear Of Rescue (D. Anthony Discenza, Torsten
Burns, U.S., 1997, 10 Min.); Leo Finds A Bird (D. Paul Giangrossi, U.S.,
1997, 4 Min.); Utopia Parkway (D. Joanna Priestly, U.S., 1997, 5 Min.);
Shift (D. Nikki Forrest, Canada, 1997, 9 Min.); Sleeping Beauty’s Dreams
(D. Emilia Lehtinen, 1997, Finland, 13

Girl Culture

Organized By Jennifer Reeder
These Two Programs Feature Work From Two Decades Of Film And Video By
Women Exploring Certain Aspects Of Female Culture, Especially Girlhood.

Girl Culture, Program One (56 Min.):

Identity Crisis (D. Mindy Faber,
U.S., 1990, 3 Min.); Fifty Wonderful Years (By Optic Nerve, U.S., 1973,
5 Min. Excerpt); Blo News (By The Barbie Liberation Organization, U.S.,
1995, 5 Min.); Chow Down (D. Allyson Mitchell, U.S., 1997, 3 Min.);
Beneath The Skin (D. Cecelia Condit, U.S., 1978, 11 Min.); Invisible
(D. Stacey Richter, U.S., 12 Min.); By Appointment To Her Majesty
The Queen
(D. Sara Ruddle And Lisa Gray, 1997, 3 Min.); Girlpower (D.
Sadie Benning, U.S., 1992, 14 Min.)

Girl Culture, Program Two (53 Min.):

Queer Theory Temptress Meets Jail
(D. Shauna Richeler-Lancit, 1997, 3 Min.); I Like Girls For Friends
(D. Julie Zando, 1987, 2 Min.); Devil Inside (D. Jennifer Reeder, 1996,
7 Min.); Fingers And Kisses (D. Shu Lea Cheang, 1996, 5 Min.);
Doublecross (D. Lyn Blumenthal, 1986, 9 Min.); A Spy (D. Suzie Silver,
1995, 4 Min.); Packing (D. Carrie Gray And Nancy Grievson, 1997, 3
Min.); True Confessions Of An Artist (D. Kirsten Stoltmann, 1996, 7
Min.); I’m Crazy And You’re Not Wrong (D. Anne Mcguire, U.S., 1997, 13

The Age Of Investigation (91 Min.):

Lenora (D. Jared Martin, Prod. The
Big Picture Alliance, U.S., 1997, 16 Min.); Can You Hear Me? (D. Alec
Paul; Prod. Isabelle St. Onge, Lori Levinson, Larry Torres; Music, Ted
Schooley; U.S., 1998, 45 Min.); Our Dances (D. Tiana M. Vermette, U.S.,
1997, 30 Min.)

User’s Guide For The End Of The Millennium:

Knowledge Navigator (Apple,
1985, 6 Min.), Welcome To The Future (Ibm, 1986, 20 Min.), Logic 1995
(Lsi, 1987, 15 Min.), Untitled (Hewlett Packard, 1990, 15 Min.),
Starfire (Sun Microsystems, 1995, 22 Min.), Connections (AT&T, 1993, 14
Min.), You Will (Various, 1993), You Will (Various, 1994), Community
(Pacbell, 1993, 10 Min.)

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