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2000 Slamdance Anarchy Sidebar

2000 Slamdance Anarchy Sidebar

2000 Slamdance Anarchy Sidebar


The Slamdance 2000 Anarchy sidebar (descriptions courtesy of Slamdance):

*69” (8 mins, color) By Erin Cassidy. A New York woman is obsessed with the telephone function *69.

Absence” (6 mins, color) By David Rosenthal. The moment of one man’s haunting confrontation with his past.

American CIV.-1” (4 mins, color) By Devin Uzan. Grandpa and Billy just don’t see eye to eye on American history.

The Closet” (9 mins, color) By Shawn Schepps and Jason Wolk. Stuck in a cramped closet with a dead guy, two robbers confront their lifelong friendship.

Descent” (4 mins, color) By Kevin Souls. Borrowing text from Thomas Pynchon’s GRAVITY’S RAINBOW, DESCENT is an intense visual journey across the theater of war.

Enchanted” (9 mins, b&w) By Christian Ditter. A shy boy, a secret love, a doll, and a library somehow team up to tell an “enchanting” love story.

Graveyeard Jamboree with Mysterious Mose” (4 mins, color) By Mark Caballero & Seamus Walsh. A mischievous nymph prepares for a musical bash in his graveyard home.

Killer Pink” (13 mins, color) WORLD PREMIERE By Patrick Cadell. A rabbit and a dog don’t get along – just like their owners.

Kite” (6 mins, color) WORLD PREMIERE By Jay Miracle. A day at the beach, a boy is tethered to a kite, while Dad drinks beer.

Lost Cause“(6 mins, color) By Glenn Gaylord. A man with AIDS gets bumped and shuffled through the phone system of his local Health Service Organization.

The Lottery Ticket” (5 mins, color) By John Ealer. Based on a Chekov short story, a couple who think they’ve hit the jackpot reveal the depth of their estrangement.

The Meeting” (8 mins, color) By Jay Bogdanowitsch. A tense business meeting gets even more wound-up.

The Warhaul” (7 mins, color) By Tim Vierling. A world-weary Marilyn Monroe takes on an airbrush wielding photographer.

The Metamorphosis (Part 1)” (7 mins, color) WORLD PREMIERE By Charlie Ramos. Gregor Samsa wakes up to find himself changed into a large digitally rendered insect.

Night Deposit” (8 mins, color) By Monika Mitchell. A new take on the world’s oldest profession.

Oil & Vinegar” (3 mins, color) By Mike Blum. A bottle of olive oil and a bottle of vinegar bottle share a brief encounter.

The Revenge of the Red Balloon” (8 mins, color) By Gregg Rossen. An homage to the classic French film, the balloon returns to hunt the little garcons who popped him in the original film 40 years ago.

Ripple” (5 mins, color) WORLD PREMIERE By Tim Kerns. Two fishermen fish Jesus Christ out of a lake.

Rocky IV, An Animation” (2 mins, color) By Rachel Max. Ponder the curious undertones of Rocky IV.

Sand Trooper” (7 mins, color) By Salvatore Belleci. Sent on a mission tantamount to suicide, a rebel warrior heads into the wastelands.

Tsunami” (6 mins, color) By Anna Broinowski. A young Japanese surfer calls forth BONZILLA when harassed by four Aussie grommets.

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