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2000 Slamdance Special Screenings

2000 Slamdance Special Screenings

2000 Slamdance Lounge Screenings


The Slamdance 2000 Lounge Screenings (descriptions courtesy of Slamdance):


Enter,” directed by Veit Bastian — (Germany, 50 min.) WORLD PREMIERE An
extraordinary blend of immigrants creates a pretty wacky bowl of everyday
life in Los Angeles.

A Galaxy Very, Far, Far Away,” directed Tariq Jalil — (USA, 80 min.) WORLD
PREMIERE “Star Wars” mania strikes, and Jalil uses the internet to get
videographers around the country to contribute to this documentary. With
cameos by James Duval and Meatloaf.

Here We Are Waiting For You,” directed by Marcelo Masagao — (Brazil, 73
min.) USA PREMIERE. A mesmerizing resume of the 20th century.

Searching for Roger Taylor,” directed by Aaron Barnett — (USA, 89 min.)
WORLD PREMIERE While searching for his long missing childhood rock idol,
Barnett investigates the people and events surrounding the birth of music

System Noise,” directed by Josh Ferrazzano — (USA, 70 min.) WORLD PREMIERE
Gilgamesh Jones is having a terrible day. The drugs don’t help, and God
knows the flesh-eating zombies only make it worse.

Wilbur Whateley’s Sex Drive,” directed by H. Turner — (USA, 59 min.)
Wilbur Whateley mistakes his sex drive for an illness.


Best in Beef” — (The Netherlands, 10 min.) Directed by Rob Smits & Britta

The Bum Spangled Banner” — (USA, 2 min.) Directed by Jangho Choi.

Crash Pad and the One Arm Bandit” — (USA, 17 min.) Directed by Richard

Dot Down” — (USA, 15 min.) Directed by Christopher Duvert.

Family Portrait” — (USA, 13 min.) Directed by Chris Harris.

Fledgling” — (Australia, 8 min.) Directed by Eron Sheean.

Harry Knuckles and The Treasure of the Aztec Mummy” — (Canada, 27 min.)
Directed by Lee Demarbre.

Hell House” — (USA, 26 min.) Directed by Dewey Nicks.

Hello Kitty” — (USA, 14 min.) Directed by Noel Dowd.

The Last Dance” — (USA, 7 min.) Directed by Alwine van Heemstra.

Legs” — (Canada, 4 min.) Directed by David Ostry.

Macca Strewth” — (Australia, 5 min.) Directed by Dylan Crooke.

The Midnight Carninval” — (USA, 7 min.) Directed by Aaron Avgenblick.

Miss Gentilbelle” — (USA, 25 min.) Directed by Tara Miele.

Moonshine” — (USA, 22 min.) Directed by Kelly Riley.

Mosquito” — (Germany, 8 min.) Directed by Frieder Wittich.

Otto, I Am Another” — (Brazil, 21 min.) Directed by Lucas Bambozzi & Cao Guimaraes.

Pacifier” — (USA, 10 min.) Directed by O. Perez.

Restless” — (USA, 15 min.) Directed by Adam Gault.

The Rooster” — (USA, 6 min.) Directed by Scott Gardner.

Rosewater” — (USA, 13 min.) Directed by Kimi Takesue.

Tonite” — (USA, 4 min.) Directed by Masa Tsuyuki.

Undesirable” — (USA, 23 min.) Directed by Marianna Yarovskaya.

Vedma” — (USA, 5 min.) Directed by Allison Schulnik.

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