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2001 Sundance Film Festival Shorts Lineup

2001 Sundance Film Festival Shorts Lineup

2001 Sundance Film Festival Shorts Lineup


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(indieWIRE/12.8.00) — The Shorts Lineup for the 2001 Sundance Film Festival:

3D” directed by Pete Chatmon

THE ANCHOR MAN,” directed by Christopher Summa

AND NOW HAPPINESS” directed by Tung Wang Wu

AND SHE WASN’T” (Taiwan), directed by Asio Liu & Awei Liu

BABY” (U.K.), directed by Bridget Bedard

BABY” (U.K.), directed by W.I.Z.

BECAUSE OF MAMA” (Russia), directed by Serguei Bassine

THE BIG HOUSE” (Australia), directed by Rachel Ward

BIG LOVE” directed by Leif Tilden

BIT PLAYERS” directed by Andy Berman

CLOSER ” (U.K.), directed by Tina Gharavi

DAMAGES” directed by Marianne Dolan


DETROIT JEWEL” directed by Tom Megalis

DID I WAKE YOU? ” directed by Venus DeMilo Thomas

DONUTS FOR BREAKFAST” (New Zealand), directed by Felicity Morgan-Rhino

DRINK ME” directed by Lisa Barnstone

ELLIE PARKER” directed by Scott Coffey

ERASED ” directed by Jay Rosenstein

FOOTBALL” (U.K.), directed by Gaby Dellal

FOREST VIEWS” (Netherlands), directed by Bart Vegter

FOUR P.M.” (U.K.), directed by Samantha Bakhurst and Lea Morement

GIINA, AN ACTRESS, AGE 29” directed by Paul Harrill

GONE UNDERGROUND” (Germany), directed by Su Turhan

GOULASH” directed by Mimi Zora

GRANDMA” directed by Sungyeon Joh

GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH” directed by Anne Paas

GRRLYSHOW” directed by Kara Herold

GULP” directed by Jason Reitman

HELICOPTER” directed by Ari Gold

IN SEARCH OF MIKE” (Australia), directed by Andrew Lancaster

INFECTION” (New Zealand), directed by James Cunningham

JIGSAW VENUS” directed by Dean Kapsalis

LINT PEOPLE” directed by Helder King Sun

THE LITTLE BIG” (France), directed by Pierre Yves Clouin

MEMBER” directed by David Brooks

METROPOPULAR” directed by Amy Krider

MIGUEL” directed by Henry Lu

MIRROR ” directed by Lee Lanier

MOTORCYCLE” (Thailand), directed by Aditya Assarat

MOUNTAIN TRIP” (Austria), directed by Siegried A. Fruhauf

MULLITT” directed by Pat Healy

MUSE 6 ” directed by Sarah Rogaeki

NINE LIVES (THE ETERNAL MOMENT OF NOW)” directed by Jay Rosenblatt

ODE TO A HUNTER” directed by Per Fronth

OFFSIDE ” directed by Leanna Creel

OUTLET” directed by Robert C. Banks, Jr.

PATE” directed by Agnieszka Wostowicz-Vosloo

PEEKABOO SUNDAY” directed by Laura Levine

PETER RABIT AND THE CRUCIFIX” directed by Anthony Dominici

PIE FIGHT 69” directedy by Christian Bruno & Sam Green

REJECTED” directed by Don Hertzfeldt

SHADOWSCAN” (U.K.), directed by Tinge Krishnan

SHOOT” directed by Tiffany Mclinn Lore

SILENT MERCURY” directed by Jadrien Ford Steele

SLIDING OFF THE EDGE OF THE WORLD” directed by Mark Street

SPOTLESS” (Denmark), directed by Jessica Nilsson

SWEET” directed by Elyse Courillion

SYNCHRO” directed by Kristen Nutile

THERE IS NO REMEDY” (Mexico), directed by Lorenza Manrique

THIS IS FOR YOU SPIKE/THE 99ERS” directed by Ed Haas

TOM CLAY JESUS” directed by Hoang A. Duong

WILD PASTURE” directed by JC Brady

ZEN AND THE ART OF LANDSCAPING” directed by David Kartch

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