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2002 Sundance Film Festival American Spectrum Lineup

2002 Sundance Film Festival American Spectrum Lineup

2002 Sundance Film Festival American Spectrum Lineup


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“>Midnight || HREF=”/onthescene/fes_02Sund_011128_NativeFo.htm
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(indieWIRE/11.27.01) — The American Spectrum Lineup for the 2002 Sundance Film Festival:

BLUE CAR,” directed by Karen Moncrieff

A teenage poet whose search for love in the wake of family tragedy culminates in an affair with a high school teacher.

THE BUSINESS OF FANCYDANCING,” directed by Sherman Alexie

A Spokane Indian poet returns to the reservation for the funeral of a childhood friend.

BY HOOK OR BY CROOK,” directed by Silas Howard & Harriet Dodge

A shy gender-bending butch heads to the big city to sink herself into a life of crime.

DESIGN,” directed by Davidson Cole

Inspired by the philosophy that your life is totally beyond your control, “Design” explores the governing power of fate, humanity’s struggle with destiny, and the impact strangers have on our everyday lives.

DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND,” directed by Lucy Walker

DOCUMENTARY: Amish teenagers, at age sixteen, must experience life in the modern world to decide whether or not to remain Amish.

THE JIMMY SHOW,” directed by Frank Whaley

Jimmy O’Brien has big dreams of becoming a stand up comedian, but life keeps getting in the way.

NOON BLUE APPLES,” directed by Jay Lee

While researching her term paper on social phobias, an intense, no-nonsense Columbia University student comes across the term ‘Noon Blue Apples’ and becomes involved in the conspiracy theory surrounding it.

ON_LINE,” directed by Jed Weintrob

Impersonal relationships take surprisingly personal turns as we follow six strangers searching for connection in a world of sexual confusion, suicide websites, and anonymous cybersex.

RAIN,” directed by Katherine Lindberg

A story of forbidden passion and buried sexuality, murder and redemption set deep within the soil of America’s heartland.

STOLEN SUMMER,” directed by Pete Jones

A young Catholic boy, trying to earn points with God, sets out to convert the neighborhood Rabbi and his family.

THAT’S MY FACE,” directed by Thomas Allen Harris

Fueled by mythology and poetry, the journey of an African-American filmmaker’s self-discovery that crosses 3 continents, 3 generations, and 30 years.

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