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2002 Sundance Film Festival World Cinema

2002 Sundance Film Festival World Cinema

2002 Sundance Film Festival World Cinema


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(indieWIRE/11.28.01) — The World Cinema Line up for the 2002 Sundance Film Festival:

VIVANTE (ALIVE),” directed by Sandrine Ray (France)

After being violently attacked, 20-year-old Claire takes risks to prove to
herself that she is still alive, all the while carrying the secret that is
tearing her apart.

AUSTRALIAN RULES,” directed by Paul Goldman (Australia)

16 year old Gary– average football player, budding wordsmith, reluctant
hero– helps the local team win the championship by accident, falls in love
an aborginal girl, and becomes tangled in a terrible accident involving his
father and best friend.

BLOODY SUNDAY,” directed by Paul Greengrass (U.K.)

On January 30th, 1972, British soldiers shot dead 13 unarmed civilians
taking part in a civil rights march in Derry, Northern Ireland. In a gritty
documentary style, Bloody Sunday recreates this tragic day, honing in on key
characters from both sides.

DE LA CALLE (STREETERS),” directed by Gerardo Tort (Mexico)

15 year old Rufino lives by his wits on the streets of Mexico City. His
search for his father takes him from love to loneliness, from drugs to
friendship, from solidarity to betrayal.

DOG DAYS,” directed by Ulrich Seidl (Austria)

A fictional exploration of the dark, tangled relationships that lie behind
the calm, dull facade of Austrian suburbia.

HONEY FOR OSHUN,” directed by Humberto Solas (Cuba)

When his father dies, a Cuban man raised in the US discovers that he was not
abandoned but smuggled illegally out of Cuba. He returns to his birthplace
and begins a search for his family.

THE INNER TOUR,” directed by Ra’anan Alexandrowicz (Israel)

Inner Tour follows a group of Palestinians on an emotional three-day
sightseeing tour of Israel, the land they consider home but from which they
are exiled.

INTACTO,” directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (Spain)

Survivors of terrible catastrophe, deemed lucky, engage in the ultimate game
of chance led by a cloaked master of Russian Roulette.

KARMEN GEÏ,” directed by Josheph Gaï Ramaka (Senegal)

An energetic, sensual adaptation, complete with song and dance numbers, of
Bizet’s Carmen taking place in 21st century Senegal.

L’AFRANCE,” directed by Alain Gomis (France)

A young Senegalese student studying in Paris faces questions of identity as
he straddles French and Senegalese cultures.

LAN YU,” directed by Stanley Kwan (Hong Kong)

Against the backdrop of late 80s Beijing, a successful middle-aged business
man starts an affair with an ambitious young boy from the country.

THE LAST KISS (L’UTIMO BACCIO),” directed by Gabriele Muccino (Italy)

A 30 year old gets cold feet when his girlfriend announces her pregnancy. As
he flirts with escaping the responsibilities of adulthood, his mother-in-law
also tries to regains her youth.

LOCO FEVER,” directed by Andres Wood (Chile/Spain/Mexico)

A native son tries to swindle the members of his small southern Chilean
fishing community by using counterfeit money.

LOLA,” directed by Carl Bessai (Canada)

Unhappy, confused Lola is forced to choose between a return to her own
dysfunctional life or a new life in the assumed identity of a mysterious

LUBOV AND OTHER NIGHTMARES,” directed by Andrei Nekrasor (Russia)

Able to digitize the dream image, Alex is creating a databse of dreams that
lead him on a poetic adventure with a wild lesbian assassin named Lubov.

MIRANDA,” directed by Marc Munden (U.K.)

A librarian begins a passionate affair with a mysterious young woman. When
she disappears, he travels to London to find her, discovering that she has
three identities: dancer, con-woman, dominatrix. Which is the real Miranda?

QUITTING,” directed by Zhang Yang (China)

In this documentary re-enactment of real life characters playing themselves,
a famous Chinese actor with a hellish heroin problem is cared for by his
family until he winds up in a mental institution.

RAIN,” directed by Christine Jeffs (New Zealand)

A family spending the summer at a beachfront community finds loyalties
tested and relationships strained by the arrival of a photographer who
attracts the attentions of both mother and daughter.
Stars Sarah Peirse, Marton Csokas, Alicia Fulford-Wierzbicki

SAMSARA,” directed by Pan Nalin (Germany)

A spiritual love story set in the Himalayas, Samsara tells the story of a
Buddhist monk’s entry into the material world.

SEX & LUCIA,” directed by Julio Medem (Spain)

With the lines between fact and fiction a delicous blur, Lucia, a young
waitress in Madrid, believing her lover dead, retreats to a lush island,
where she unravels a complex web of passionate relationships.

UN CRABE DANS LA TETE,” directed by Andre Turpin (Canada)

Alex is an underwater photographer who makes a business trip to Montreal.
Within a week he becomes entangled in dozens of relationships that
ultimately force changes in his personality and behavior.

SMOKERS ONLY,” directed by Veronica Chen (Argentina)

A hustler and a mysterious young singer meet on the streets of Buenos Aires
and begin a fleeting affair that takes them into a nighttime dreamscape of
sex and fantasy.

TEARS OF A BLACK TIGER,” directed by Wisit Sartsanatieng (Thailand)

In a world outside of history, a legendary bandit returns to claim his
childhood love who is already spoken for by a powerful man.

TIME OUT,” directed by Laurent Cantet (France)

The story of a man’s attempt to lead a double life in an attempt to free
himself from financial and social traps. His ideal life ends up a tense
tangle of lies and betrayal.

THE TRESSPASSER,” directed by Beto Brant (Brazil)

2 friends in Sao Paulo–ambitious, greedy partners in a construction
company– decide to eliminate their third partner. The man they hire to do
the job has his own agenda; slowly and steadily, he invades their lives.

UNDER THE SKIN OF THE CITY,” directed by Rakshan Bani Etemad (Iran)

During the general elections in Iran, a hardworking mother must rally her
courage and resilience to protect her family and her home.

WHERE ESKIMOS LIVE,” directed by Tomasz Wiszniewski (Poland/Germany/USA)

Sharkey, part of a sinister child trade ring, embarks on a journey through
war-torn Bosnia with an orphan of war who dreams of a better life.

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