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2002 IFP Market Lineup: No Borders

2002 IFP Market Lineup: No Borders

2002 IFP Market Lineup: No Borders

by indieWIRE

[information provided by IFP/New York]




A Way of Life

Producer: Peter Edwards

Writer: Amma Asante

Adult Behaviour

Director: Christopher Payne

Producer: Gavin Emerson

Blind Flight

Director: John Furse

Producer: Sally Hibbin

Writers: John Furse, Brian Keenan

The Boy

Director: Pierre Gang

Producer: Kevin Tierney

Writer: Pierre Gang

The Buffalo Boys

Director: Minh Nguyen-Vo

Producers: Olivier Dubois, Jean Brehat

Executive Producer: Dung Tran

Writer: Minh Nguyen-Vo

Changing Directions

Director: Maria Essen

Producer: Staffan Tollgard

Writer: Maria Essen

The Death and the Devil

Producers: Ralph Schwingel, Stefan Schubert

Writer: Karin Howard


Director: Jay Craven

Producer: Jay Craven

Executive Producer: Matt Salinger

Director of Photography: Frederick Elmes

Principal Cast: Kris Kristofferson

Finding Out

Director: Carine Adler

Producers: Bertrand Faivre, Kate Ogborn

Writers: Carine Adler, Julie Rutterford

The Glamour of Evil: A Love Story

Director: Malia Scotch-Marmo

Producers: Malia Scotch-Marmo, Stephen Scotch-Marmo

Writer: Malia Scotch-Marmo


Director: Stefan Schwartz

Producer: Richard Holmes

Writers: Stefan Schwartz, Richard Holmes,
William Brookefield

Homeland of the Soul

Director: Stefan C. Schaefer

Producer: Katrin Schloesser

Writer: Stefan C. Schaefer

Horse Man

Director: Fernando Spiner

Producers: Hugues Desmichelle, Claire Jeanteur

Executive Producer: Hugues Desmichelle

Writer: Isabelle Brocard

Director of Photography: Ricardo Aronovitch

Imperial Valley

Director: Greg Eliason

Producer: Laurie Hansen

Writer: Greg Eliason

Director of Photography: Rodney Taylor

The Low River

Director: Cecily Rhett

Producer: Jasmine Kosovic

Executive Producer: Janet Yang

Writer: Cecily Rhett

The Motel

Director: Michael Kang

Producer: Matthew Greenfield, Miguel Arteta

Writer: Michael Kang

School (L’Ecole)

Director: Lucile Hadzihalilovic

Producer: Patrick Sobelman

Writer: Lucile Hadzihalilovic

The Shadow Man

Director: Tim McCann

Producer: Michael Risley

Writer: Daniel Noah

Director of Photography: Tim McCann


Director: Douglas Sadler

Producer: Melanie Backer

Writer: Douglas Sadler

The Syrian Bride

Producers: Eran Riklis, Bettina Brokemper

Writers: Eran Riklis, Suha Arraf

The Treatment

Director: Oren Rudavsky

Writer: Daniel Housman

Underground Man

Director: Joshua Dorsey

Producers: Luc Dery, Joshua Dorsey

Writer: Joshua Dorsey

Wagner’s Will

Director: Martin Barry

Producer: Suzanne Girard

Writer: Martin Barry


Alfredo’s Fire

Director: Andy Abrahams Wilson

Producer: Andy Abrahams Wilson

Writer: Alfredo Ormando

Artemisia 2002

Director: Ellen Weissbrod

Producers: Melissa Powell, Ellen Weissbrod

Director of Photography: Ellen Weissbrod

Click Me :)

Director: Wolfgang Hastert

Producer: Wolfgang Hastert

Writer: Wolfgang Hastert

Director of Photography: Wolfgang Hastert


Director: Rena Mundo

Director of Photography: Michael Steed

The Danny Williams Story

Director: Esther Robinson

Director of Photography: Adam Cohen

Funk, It’s Alive

Director: Isabelle Abric

Producer: Isabelle Abric

My Flesh and Blood

Director: Jonathan Karsh

Producer: Jennifer Chaiken

Power Trip

Director : Paul Devlin

Producer: Paul Devlin

Resisting Paradise

Director: Barbara Hammer

Producer: Barbara Hammer

Executive Producer: Barbara Hammer

Writer: Barbara Hammer

Director of Photography: Barbara Hammer

The Rio Grande Border

Director: Lawrence Hott

Producers: Lawrence Hott, Diane Garey

Executive Producers: Len Materman, Tyrus Fain

Writer: Ken Chowder

Director of Photography: Allen Moore

Soviet Meditation

Director: Amy Grappell

Producers: Amy Grappell, Kyle Henry

Executive Producer: Gill Holland

Director of Photography: Albert Maysles

The Twelve Disciples of Nelson Mandela

Director: Thomas Allen Harris

Producer: Thomas Allen Harris

Director of Photography: Bobby Shepard


Director: Alison Maclean

Producers: Gavin Emerson, Petra Goeding

Executive Producer: Hengameh Panahi

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