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2002 IFP Market Lineup: Spotlight on Documentaries

2002 IFP Market Lineup: Spotlight on Documentaries

2002 IFP Market Lineup: Spotlight on Documentaries

by indieWIRE

[information provided by IFP/New York]




Afghan Stories

Director: Taran Davies

Producer: Taran Davies

Director of Photography: Taran Davies

Arisman Facing The Audience

Director: Tony Silver

Producer: Tony Silver

Executive Producer: Tony Silver

Director of Photography: James Szalapski

Bright Leaves

Director: Ross McElwee

Producer: Ross McElwee

A Dream in Hanoi

Director: Tom Weidlinger

Producer: Tom Weidlinger

Executive Producers: Mike Sherman,
Rose Shirini

Director of Photography: Tom Weidlinger

East Timor: Betrayal and Resurrection

Director: Theodore Folke

Producers: Theodore Folke, Simone Dibagno

Executive Producer: Tord Roe

Directors of Photography: Steen Johansen,
Antonio Dias

Eyes of the World

Director: Michael Perlman

Producer: Michael Perlman

Farang Ba (Crazy White Foreigner)

Director: John Sullivan

Producer: John Sullivan

Director of Photography: John Sullivan

Editor: Alexandra Swenson

The Fire Within

Director: Leanne Whitney

Producers: Elyse Katz, Bonnie Dickenson

Executive Producer: Suzanne Gottlieb Calleja

Director of Photography: Leanne Whitney

Girl Hood

Director: Liz Garbus

Producers: Liz Garbus, Rory Kennedy


Director: Randi Steinberger

Producer: Randi Steinberger

Directors of Photography: Chuck Lang,
Dani Zion


Director: Scott Taradash

Producer: Kenan Z. Bakirci

Executive Producers: Kenan Z. Bakirci,
Jamie M. Taradash

Director of Photography: Eric C. Kay

Jimmy Scott: If You Only Knew

Director: Matthew Buzzell

Producers: Brian Gerber, Sylvio Sharif Tabe

Executive Producers: Diedrich Bader,
Terry Mulroy

Director of Photography: Matthew Buzzell

The Naked Feminist

Director: Louisa Achille

Producers: Louisa Achille, Stephen Kijak

Prom Night in Kansas City

Directors: Peter von Ziegesar, Hali Lee

Producers: Peter von Ziegesar, Hali Lee

Director of Photography: Peter von Ziegesar

The Same River Twice

Director: Robb Moss

Producer: Robb Moss

Director of Photography: Robb Moss

Editor: Karen Schmeer

7th Street

Director: Josh Pais

Producer: Josh Pais

Executive Producer: Catherine Scheinman

Writer: Josh Pais

Director of Photography: Elia Lyssy

These Men of Conscience

Director: Carol Ann Francis

Producer: Carol Ann Francis

Director of Photography: Ari Issler

Trading Women

Director: David Feingold

Producer: Dean Slotar

Director of Photography: Stanley Staniski

Victory Square

Director: Liza Davitch

Producer: Liza Davitch

Director of Photography: Liza Davitch

Yank Tanks

Director: David Schendel

Producer: David Schendel

Executive Producers: Stephen A. Schendel,
James Lafferty

Director of Photography: David Schendel


20 Feet Over Belfast – The Murals of Northern Ireland

Directors: Christine Hurson, Paul Goudreau

Producers: Christine Hurson, Paul Goudreau

Executive Producer: John Michalczyk

Director of Photography: Paul Goudreau

Best FriEND

Director: Tonya Hurley

Producer: Tracy Hurley

Editor: Ryan McFaul

The Big Picture

Director: Peter Friedman

Producers: Peter Friedman, Christian Baute

Bike Like U Mean It

Director: Rusty Martin

Producer: Susan Kirr

Director of Photography: Matt Listiak

Ferry Tales

Director: Katja Esson

Producer: Sabine Schenk

Director of Photography: Martina Radwan

Fluid Movement

Director: Beth Pacunas

Producers: David Beaudouin, Beth Pacunas

Executive Producer: Beth Pacunas

Writer: Beth Pacunas

Go Army

Director: Ruben O’ Malley

Producer: Ruben O’ Malley

Executive Producer: Ruben O’ Malley

Director of Photography: Harry Yoon

Gujarat: Stories from the Quake

Directors: Adam Boucher, Bryan Harvey

Producer: Adam Boucher

Executive Producer: Adam Boucher

Director of Photography: Bryan Harvey

Rated X – One Family’s Business

Director: John Lavall

Producer: John Lavall

Directors of Photography: John Lavall, Jessica

Ruth Duckworth: A Life in Clay

Director: Karen Carter

Producer: Karen Carter

Executive Producers: Kate Zimmer, Tim

Secret Mechanisms

Director: Kristen Nutile

Producer: Kristen Nutile

Director of Photography: Kristen Nutile

State of the Union/The Color of Freedom is Green

Director: DJ Kadagian

Producer: DJ Kadagian


16 Acres

Producers: Therese Cafaro, Jayson Haedrich

Director of Photography: Jayson Haedrich

Abandoned: the True Story of the Sinking of the USS Indianapolis and its Survivors

Director: Tod Lending

Producers: Adam Kreutner, Doug Stanton

Executive Producers: Gary Romano, Brian

And Again

Directors: Anne Alvergue, Michael Isabell

Producers: Anne Alvergue, Michael Isabell

Writer: Michael Isabell

Director of Photography: Michael Isabell

Becoming Muslim: Submitting to Allah in America

Director: Sameer Y. Butt

Producers: Sameer Y. Butt, Maherin Gangat

Writers: Sameer Y. Butt, Maherin Gangat

Behind the Glass

Director: Gabriel Rhodes

Producer: Gabriel Rhodes

Director of Photography: Ferne Pearlsetin

Editor: Alan Oxman

Berlin Metamorphoses

Director: Robert E. Frye

Director of Photography: Stephan Rateitschak

Big Apple Fishing

Director: Robert Maass

Producer: Robert Maass

Director of Photography: Robert Maass

Bluegrass Journey

Director: Ruth Oxenberg

Producer: Ruth Oxenberg

Executive Producer: Gill Holland

Bode Miller: Flying Downhill

Director: William Rogers

Born in a Barn

Director: Elizabeth Elson

Producer: Elizabeth Elson

Writer: Elizabeth Elson

Director of Photography: Elizabeth Elson

Editor: Samara Smith

Bowery Dish

Director: Kevin R. Frech

Producer: Joan Kasarda

Director of Photography: David Hochs

Cambodia – Circle Of Life

Director: Mel Halbach

Producer: Mary Cranney

Director of Photography: Hiroki Miyano

Dancing With Susana: Love Stories from the Dirty War

Director: Ton Vriens

Producer: Elisabet Cantenys

Executive Producer: Naomi Meyer

Writer: Ton Vriens

Director of Photography: Ton Vriens

De Punta Arenas a Salinas: Vieques vs. the US Navy

Director: Mary Patierno

Producer: Natalia Munoz

Director of Photography: Harriet Hirshorn

Editor: Mary Patierno

Duke Ellington Boulevard

Director: Michael Patrick Kelly

Producers: Michael Patrick Kelly, William B.

Writer: Michael Patrick Kelly

Director of Photography: William B. Porter

The Dwelling Place

Director: Leonard Cox

Producers: Macky Alston, Leonard Cox

Director of Photography: Dyanna Taylor

Dying in Silence

Director: Max Reid

Producer: Max Reid

Excavating Taylor Mead

Directors: Crystal Moselle, William Kirkley

Producers: Crystal Moselle, William Kirkley

Writer: William Kirkley

Directors of Photography: Crystal Moselle,
William Kirkley

Faces of Change

Directors: Stanley Nelson, Michele

Producers: Stanley Nelson, Michele

Executive Producer: Stanley Nelson

The Farmingville Project

Directors: Catherine Tambini, Nigel Noble,
Carlos Sandoval

Producers: Catherine Tambini, Carlos

Writer: Carlos Sandoval

Freedom Through Yoga

Director: David Conway

Writer: David Conway

Director of Photography: Stephan Dalyai

Full Circle: A Life Story of Eustace Conway

Director: Jack Bibbo

Producer: Jack Bibbo

Writer: Jack Bibbo

Director of Photography: Jack Bibbo

Good Samaritan

Directors: Pacho Velez, Randy Bell

Producers: Pacho Velez, Randy Bell

Directors of Photography: Pacho Velez,
Randy Bell

Good Things To Life: GE, PCBs, and Our Town

Director: Mickey Friedman

Producer: Mickey Friedman

Writer: Mickey Friedman

Director of Photography: Mickey Friedman


Director: Nell Cox

Producer: Nell Cox

Writer: Nell Cox

Director of Photography: Nell Cox

A Great Wonder

Director: Kim Shelton

Producer: Kim Shelton

Have You Seen Andy?

Director: Melanie Perkins

Producer: Melanie Perkins

Writer: Melanie Perkins

Director of Photography: Stephen McCarthy

Hearts of Poverty: A Journey To Gautemala

Directors: Kristopher Wallin, Stasia Droze

Producer: Kristopher Wallin

Writer: Kristopher Wallin

Director of Photography: Kristopher Wallin

Hollywood Horses

Director: Salome Milstead

Producer: Salome Milstead

Writer: Sharon Wood

Director of Photography: Dyanna Taylor

I’d Rather Be Dead Than Mellow

Directors: Ana Wolovick, Angi Glenn

Producers: Ana Wolovick, Angi Glenn

Writer: Glasgow Phillips

Directors of Photography: Angi Glenn,
Robert Bennett

Editors: Angi Glenn, Ana Wolovick

In Search of Golden Phoenix: The Invisible Legacy

Director: Jade Wu

Producers: Elizabeth Salen, Douglas LeClaire

Writer: Jade Wu

Directors of Photography: Jade Wu, Sam

In The Name Of Allah

Director: Parvez Sharma

Producer: Laurie Scheer

Kings Park

Director: Lucy Winer

Producer: Karen Eaton

Director of Photography: Claudia Raschke

La Border – A Pocho Tour

Producer: Michael L. Pryfogle

Writer: Dagoberto Gilb

Libby, Montana

Director: Drury Carr

Producers: Doug Hawes-Davis, Drury Carr

Directors of Photography: Doug Hawes-Davis, Drury Carr

Liberty Corner

Director: Don Gehan

Producer: Don Gehan

Writer: Don Gehan

Editor: David Moore

The Lost Boys of Sudan

Directors: Jon Shenk, Megan Mylan

Producers: Jon Shenk, Megan Mylan

Executive Producer: Frances Reid

Director of Photography: Jon Shenk

Make ‘Em Dance: The Hackberry Rambler’s Story

Director: John Whitehead

Producers: John Whitehead, Ben Sandmel

Executive Producer: Gabrielle Vetter

Director of Photography: Matt Ehling

Manhood and Violence: Fatal Peril

Director: Sonja Gilligan

Producer: Michelle Clifton

Executive Producers: Sonja Gilligan, Mike
Gilligan, Charles Clifton

Director of Photography: Charles Clifton

Map Of The Missing

Director: Connie Bottinelli

Producer: Connie Bottinelli

Writer: Gary Parker

Matzo And Mistletoe

Director: Kate Feiffer

Producer: Kate Feiffer

Writer: Kate Feiffer

Meet The Producer

Directors: David Clair, Lauren Friedland, Nicole Torre, Chris Tetens

Producers: David Clair, Lauren Friedland, Nicole Torre, Chris Tetens

Director of Photography: Chris Tetens

Megamall, USA

Directors: Sarah Mondale, Vera Aronow

Producers: Sarah Mondale, Vera Aronow

Writers: Sarah Mondale, Vera Aronow

Director of Photography: Robert Grange

Memory and Forgetting

Director: Dempsey Rice

Producer: Dempsey Rice

Director of Photography: Jim Denault

Men of the Cloth

Director: Vicki Vasilopoulos

Producer: Vicki Vasilopoulos

Writers: Vicki Vasilopoulos, G. Bruce Boyer

Directors of Photography: Christian Jacks, David Doyle

Natural Leaders Preventing Violence

Director: Cari Lutz

Producers: Christian White, Cari Lutz

Director of Photography: Cari Lutz

Performance Portraits: Jazz Dancing

Directors: Gary Westphalen, Bill Warrell

Producers: Gary Westphalen, Bill Warrell

Writer: Bill Warrell

Director of Photography: Gary Westphalen

Pote Mak Sonje: The Raboteau Trial

Director: Harriet Hirshorn

Producers: Christine Cynn, Harriet Hirshorn

Writer: Christine Cynn

Director of Photography: Harriet Hirshorn

Riding Ray’s Roller Coaster

Director: Doug Wolens

Producer: Doug Wolens

Director of Photography: Doug Wolens

Editors: Zachary Bennett, Doug Wolens

SqueezeBox, the Movie

Director: Jason Cacioppo

Producers: Lyle Derek, Steve Saporito

Writers: Jason Cacioppo, Zach Schaffer

Stories from the Faubourg Treme

Director: Lolis Er Elie

Producers: Jamie Balthazar, Salome Milstead

Writer: Lolis Er Elie

Director of Photography: Keith Smith

Street Of Flowers

Director: Ian Ross

Producer: Ian Ross

Writer: Ian Ross

Director of Photography: Ian Ross

Sweat: A Story of Solidarity

Directors: Leslie Kretzu, James Keady

Producer: Mitch Riley

Executive Producers: Leslie Kretzu, James

Editor: Kim Connell

Time Out: Three Weeks With Bunk 22

Directors: Mayita Mendez, Sarah Kramer

Producers: Mayita Mendez, Sarah Kramer

Directors of Photography: Mayita Mendez,
Sarah Kramer


Director: Carlos DeMenezes

Producers: Carlos DeMenezes, Susana

Executive Producer: Susana Lagudis

Writers: Carlos DeMenezes, Susana Lagudis

Director of Photography: Carlos DeMenezes

Uh Oh: Odyssey of a Punk Rock, White Trash, Kick Ass Mom

Directors: Rose Rosenblatt, Marion Lipschutz

Producers: Rose Rosenblatt, Marion Lipschutz

Executive Producers: Robert Rosenblum,
Steve Hendel

Director of Photography: Gary Griffin


Director: RJ McHatton

Producer: RJ McHatton

Executive Producer: RJ McHatton

Writer: RJ McHatton

Director of Photography: Hans Skjersaa


Directors: Josh Zeman, Barbara Brancaccio

Producer: Zachary Mortensen

Executive Producer: Scott Macaulay


Director: Melody Gilbert

Producer: Melody Gilbert

Executive Producer: Melody Gilbert

Director: Aileen Ghee

Producer: Rebecca Lally

Executive Producer: Marc Meyers

Writer: Ken Kerbs

Director of Photography: Maite Quinn

You Think You Really Know Me: The Gary Wilson Story Part 1

Directors: Bob Green, Michael Wolk

Producer: Michael Wolk

Executive Producer: Kumiko Yoshii

Director of Photography: Bob Green

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