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IFP/New York Announces 22 Projects for 2003 No Borders Co-Production Market

IFP/New York Announces 22 Projects for 2003 No Borders Co-Production Market

IFP/New York Announces 22 Projects for 2003 No Borders Co-Production Market

by Eugene Hernandez

The IFP/New York has announced the slate of new film projects that will participate in the annual No Borders International Co-Production Market this fall. The forum is one part of the IFP Market which this year will celebrate its 25th anniversary. Established in 1995, No Borders matches established producers and their projects with domestic and international buyers, investors and agents during a number of events and programs that take place during the annual IFP Market in New York. This year’s event will take place Sept. 21-26.

“No Borders has proven to be fertile ground for producers both within the U.S. and abroad to connect with the industry from New York and Los Angeles,” said Colin Stanfield, Associate Director of International Programs in a prepared statement.

Twenty-two projects have been selected for No Borders, which is a collaborative effort that brings together such organizations as the UK Film Council, Filmstiftung Nordrhein-Westfalen from Germany, Telefilm Canada, Ateliers du Cinema European/ACE, CineMart, and the Sundance Institute.

Complete project information as provided by the IFP/New York follows:


“American Seagull”

Producers Anne Chaisson (“Roger Dodger”) and Amy Hobby (“Secretary”),
re-imagine Chekhov’s classic play “The Seagull,” in a story that depicts one
summer in the life of the young, intensely idealistic artist who hides out
in his family home and confronts his narcissistic and famous-screen-actress

“Blue Valentine”

Radical Media producer and former Miramax exec Jack Lechner and
writer/director/DP Derek Cianfrance (“Brother Tied”) examine the
contemporary American marriage, told on two tracks — one, the marriage
coming apart in the present, shot on digital video, the other, the couple
coming together in the past, shot on film.

“In Between Days”

From producer Ramsey Fong (“Upheaval”) and acclaimed filmmaker Hyoe
(“A Glance Apart”) comes this story about the bittersweet consequence of
time shared during one day in New York between two accidental tourists who
hail from different worlds.

“Jersey Seoul”

A Korean-immigrant mother becomes alarmed at her first generation American
Daughter’s decision to marry a Jewish Manhattanite. A cross-cultural
wedding movie with a twist, this film from producer and Forensic Films
founder, Scott Macaulay, (“Undefeated,” “Raising Victor Vargas”) challenges
the clash-of-cultures genre with a sweet and unexpected love story.

“A Little Original Sin”

Jennifer Romine (“Paris was a Woman”) will produce the story of Jane Bowles
and her devoted, unconventional marriage to Paul Bowles and her turbulent
romance with a local Moroccan woman. Set in expatriate Tangier during the
fifties, Romine’s screenplay traces Jane Bowles extraordinary journey along
the boundaries of art, sensuality and sanity.

“Me and You and Everyone Else”

Producer Tommy Pallotta (“Waking Life”) and performance-creative artist and
auteur Miranda July represent this modern, tortured fantasy story about
children and adults negotiating their impossible desires in this digital

“Off Key”

Producing partners Andrea Miller and Mary Salter bring us this tale of an
upper middle class Hispanic boy with a penchant for crime whose bittersweet
coming of age takes place during the Iran hostage crisis.


Producer Ann Ruark (“Frida,” “Claire Dolan”) and filmmaker Steve Buscemi
present this biopic of William S. Burroughs as seen through the eyes of his
alter-ego, literary outlaw Bill Lee. The cross section of Burroughs’
prolific life in 1951 Mexico City is based on his novels “Queer” and “Junky”
as well as unpublished material. Steve Buscemi and John Hurt to star.

“Rio Chino”

From producer Karen Chien and writer/director Greg Pak (“Robot Stories”),
and executive producer Jeff Lipsky, comes this archetypal American tale
about a Chinese gunslinger and a Mexican heroine who form a dangerous
partnership in the Old West.

“The Tactic Toe”

Hailing from animation royalty, Emily Hubley (“Hedwig and the Angry Inch”)
and producer Linda Moroney create Hubley’s first feature-length, animated
and live-action project in which a woman loses her wallet and enters a
haunted, magical world inhabited by living objects and manipulated by
capricious dogs.


From producers Lemore Syvan (“Personal Velocity”) and Marcia Kirkley comes
this thriller about an American journalist in Mexico who exposes a murder of
a fellow reporter and becomes embroiled in a government conspiracy.


“44 Inch Chest”

Producer Soledad Gatti-Pascual (“Noi Albinoi”) and writers/directors Louis
Mellis and David Scinto (“Sexy Beast”) create an intensely personal and
violent drama about one man driven to the brink.


Oscar-nominee Agnieszka Holland’s (“Europa Europa”) new film tells a
sumptuous story of a woman who would become Tsarina of Russia. Produced by
Egoli Tossel’s Jens Meurer and Karsten Stoeter (“Russian Ark”).

“Emotional Arithmetic”

Based on the novel by acclaimed author, Matt Cohen, producer Suzanne
Girard’s Canada/UK co-production spins the tale of three war-torn children’s
Present-day bond of guilt and love and their attempt to battle the unleashed
demons of the past.

“Lila Says”

Award-winning producer John Battsek (“One Day in September,” “The Serpent’s
Kiss”) paints this portrait of two Parisian teens lost in the divide of
their French and Arab backgrounds.

“Mood Music”

This psychological thriller from Emmy Award-winning producer Lisa Marie
Russo is a portrait of three characters brought together by chance. In a
contemporary airport hotel they step out of their everyday lives into an
uncertain and unreal world of masquerade and conspiracy.

“Piano Tuner of Earthquakes”

Innovative filmmakers the Brothers Quay (“Institute Benjamenta,” “Street of
Crocodiles”) and executive producer Terry Gilliam deliver this dark
fairytale about a demonic doctor who abducts a beautiful opera singer with
designs on transforming her into a mechanical nightingale.


Producer Damian Jones and award-winning documentary-cum-narrative filmmaker
Dan Reed (“Terror in Moscow”) weave this sexually charged parable of
forgiveness, love and redemption in which a young couple is subjected to an
horrific assault deep in the countryside. A co-production between Film Four
and the Film Council.

“Summer of ’76”

Amid the hottest summer in two hundred years, the East End of London becomes
the backdrop for this intense drama where a mother, her son and a Vietnam
vet embark upon a dangerous love triangle. Tatiana Kennedy (“Sixth
Happiness”) to produce.

“The Trotsky”

Producer Victoria Hirst (“Owning Mahowney”) brings us this comedic story of
a high school student who, believing he is the reincarnation of the Soviet
revolutionary, inspires former radicals, falls in love with an older woman
and creates his own high-school revolution, all while driving his parents

“Two Bodies, Floating”

A young Russian trying to escape to Britain and a teenage runaway light out
for new lands but get stuck on an impounded freighter going nowhere.
Producer Kate Ogborn (“Under the Skin”) brings us this love story about
yearning and emotional migration.

“Valley of Flowers”

Pandora Film producer Claudia Steffen brings this Himalayan legend of a love
struggling against the inevitability of death. The story spans from early
19th Century mountain existence to modern day Tokyo.

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