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ROUND 6 – filmexec vs. calgodot

ROUND 6 - filmexec vs. calgodot

Tempers are flaring in the Reactions section over the Michael Moore story that indieWIRE ran last week. What started out as a heated debate has turned into an all out slugfest of personal diatribes between the sharp-witted calgodot and the fists a flyin’ filmexec.

Here’s a sample:

calgodot: I’d hate to spend 20 years working in this business and still know nothing.

filmexec: So typical of the left, if you don’t agree with someones comments attack them personally. You don’t know anything about what I have done with my life. You and your hatred is why I am no longer liberal!!! You can stay in Seattle and make your little DV films or come to LA and play with the big boys.

calgodot: Hid your profile, now, eh mate? I’m already in L.A. I don’t play with boys. I’m too busy.

filmexec: I notice you don’t post your email and your website doesn’t have a link either. Why don’t we get together at Starbucks for a cup of coffee? That way we can tell me about your stellar career.

calgodot: Yes, I am often too busy to update my website. You are correct that it is shamefully out of date, especially for a writer who sits around writing all day. Maybe you’d like me to write a profile of your own stellar career? Maybe we could even get indieWIRE to publish it! But why hide your profile now, dear Louis? Afraid someone will actually check those movies you said were listed on IMDB? 20 years of work and only one thing listed?

filmexec: I never said I was a Producer! I haven’t worked in Production for twenty years. My moniker is filmexec. And you know the reason that you and I don’t want out emails out there is because of all the enaine email we would both get! As to you stellar career from the look at your films maybe I could help you to sell them! Because I have seen hundreds of no-talent crap like that at every American Film Market.

calgodot: Don’t want a stellar career. If I did I would have gone into astronomy. (FX: Rim shot.)

filmexec: You are so nieve! Big Business always hedges their bets!

calgodot: Whatever you may think about me, Louis, it matters about as much as your ability to spell “naive.”

filmexec: As far as my spelling is concerned I write fast to get the idears out. With no spell check I have to depend on my best guess. For you to point this out only speaks to how weak your arguments are! Read the website hopefully you will realize that I am not the only one that thinks that this is a publicity stunt! And this is not from a right-wing newspaper! You are the one that will not see the truth. “You can’t handle the Truth”! It doesn’t fit you narrow little loser profile!

AND so the battle continues! Tune it next week to see who comes out on top!

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