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City Out Of ‘God’

City Out Of 'God'

I decided to take some time last night and pay off a late fee I had a nearby video chain store. What I witnessed while I was there solidified the need for more awareness of foreign titles in our local video stores. What’s more, it solidified why I’m so jazzed about Danni Knowles’ video store, Pedazo Chunk, which I wrote about earlier in the week.
Anyway, in between packing for my Father’s Day weekend trip to Houston, I went by the store (which shall remain nameless, almost for my own sake than anything else) and found a clerk rapidly making calls. Why? Two customers had visited the store to rent sleeper hit and multiple Oscar nominee City of God, and the store was out of copies. So the diligent clerk was phoning other stores in the area. No luck. Everyone else was rented out of their copies as well. The main reason? These stores had only ordered one copy. One copy? Considering the amount of buzz and the wild reception this film got so late in its theatrical run, it should have been a no-brainer that video rentals were going to be crazy busy.
So alas, a lot of business (and late fees for that matter) walked out of the door because the video chains were not prepared. Foreign titles tend to be the forgotten stepchild at most chain video stores, the obligatory section with hardly any energy or care put into it. This is why Pedazo Chunk, and other stores like it, are a revelation. Make foreign titles the highlight, and not only do you serve a niche audience, but you serve a niche audience that loves to do something important for your business model: they love to rent movies. Who would’ve thunk it? Cater to a demographic that loves to rent DVDs? Maybe if more stores started doing this, films like City of God wouldn’t go without potential audiences.
And, just for the record, the store in question did have about 20 copies of one “foreign” film: Eurotrip. And, nearly all of them were in the store.

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