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Even Vets Don’t Get Kerry

Even Vets Don't Get Kerry

I’m not voting for Bush, but…

What’s the deal with John Kerry not even being able to get support from Vietnam veterans? Not only are there large factions of this important demographic apathetic about Kerry’s chances, there are now groups of people possibly taking legal action against him and his campaign.

CNN is reporting that a group of fellow soldiers featured in a wartime photo Kerry is using in a televised ad, are upset about their unauthorized participation in the campaign. So, they’re requesting that the photo be banned from future Kerry campaign use. A fellow vet that now works as an attorney in Houston is consulting with the group and hasn’t ruled out further legal action against the likely Democratic nominee for President.

Of course, this primarily stems from Kerry’s own questionable track record after Vietnam. While he served his nation well, and earned several awards for it, his role in Vietnam Veterans Against The War in the 1970s, has angered more than it has endeared. Not to mention, the famous photo of Kerry with John Lennon, which seems to do more to fuel the fire than extinguish it.

Kerry’s politics about Vietnam aside, this kind of protest is not very comforting for the outcome of the presidential election. If a supposed “sure-fire” demographic like war veterans can’t get behind Bush’s opposition, what kind of hope do we have that Bush will not be easily re-elected?

Kerry needs to get serious about settling this issue. For that matter, Kerry needs to get serious about settling any issue, rather than have Michael Moore indirectly do all his campaigning for him.

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