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I Hate Moving

I Hate Moving

With all of the advances we’ve made in technology over the decades, why isn’t moving any easier? No one likes to do it, but everyone must at some point, at several points. After two years of sharing a house with old college friends, I’m getting prepared to collect my things and move into an apartment.

It seems like this is one of those summers where so many people I know are moving. With that comes the awkward, “will you help me move?” “will I help you move?” discussion. No one likes to do it alone, and since I’m gonna be living alone in my new place, I’m just gonna save my friends the hassle and hire a moving company.

I’m relocating to South Austin, from North Austin. In short, I’m moving from middle-class family neighborhoods to the younger, artsy neighborhoods. I’m looking forward to my new place and my new part of town. It’s just the line connecting those two points that is such a drag.

Of course, it could be much worse. My friend at AOL Movies, Peter Debruge, just relocated from New York to Los Angeles. Meanwhile, indie film guru and champion John “Spike, Mike, Slackers & Dykes” Pierson and his family are in the process of packing up their things and heading to our very own Austin. This is a cause for celebration, actually. John and Janet Pierson are two of my favorite people in this business, and the fact that they will be living in Austin in the near future is very exciting.

John and Janet’s plans for Austin sound really exciting, with some still under wraps and some very much out in the open. For a taste… one of the things John will be doing will involve the University of Texas film school.

I guess if the Piersons can make the move they’re making (they just got back from Fiji after all), I can suck it up and haul my stuff 20 miles or so. Besides, with all this moving, comes a lot of housewarming parties.

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