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This Is Your Brain, This Is Your Brain On Movies

This Is Your Brain, This Is Your Brain On Movies

The Guardian reports today that Hollywood companies are paying neuroscientists in California for brainscan research conducted using trailers and feature films. If the trend continues, this will create a new realm of “neuromarketing” for the way films are promoted.

Speaking of spooky science fiction, I’m looking forward to chatting with Primer writer/director Shane Carruth this weekend in Dallas. Shane’s Sundance-winning feature is known for its head-spinning storyline and I personally have a few questions I hope he can answer (though part of the fun of films like these, is finding out for yourself). It’s an amazing debut feature, and Shane has an incredible eye that weaves a compelling saga of two characters on the brink of losing their minds over – what is essentially – time travel. I’m anxious to watch Primer again, and I think that sort of repeat-viewing logic will hopefully make the film a deserving hit when ThinkFilm releases it later this year.

As I’ve mentioned before on the blog, Shane will be taking part in a special panel we’re putting together for this weekend’s SWAFT Convention in Dallas. I last spoke with Shane a few days ago when he was in Seattle for the film festival there, and I hope he enjoys a hometown return for what I’m sure will be an eager audience.

We’re about to hit the road for Dallas, and I plan to have updates from D-Town on what happens while we’re there. Wish us luck.

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