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“Woman Thou Art Loosed”

"Woman Thou Art Loosed"

woman.JPGIt will be interesting to watch the opening weekend box office performance of “Woman Thou Art Loosed,” a new film anchored by popular Dallas religious ministry leader T.D. Jakes. Magnolia acquired the movie after its debut at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and is releasing it in more than 400 theaters this weeked (with a concentration in the South). I watched the film earlier this week and while its a bit too TV movie for my taste, the film’s healing message of confonting personal demons (in this particular case abuse) was worthwhile.

Chatting with the folks at Magnolia for today’s indieWIRE story, they are clearly quite high on the film’s prospects even if they have been rather reserved about touting their involvement thus far — they never even announced the acquisition of the film. I was chatting with a rival distributor the other day who, while not critical of Magnolia, said that he just couldn’t understand why they were releasing the film. Assuming the movie draws Jakes’ followers as expected this weekend, Magnolia’s competitors will be buzzing about the movie on Monday. Seems to me that the Magnolia team were struck by a solid film with a distinct message and a dynamic, popular figure at the center who, with them, will market the movie to an underserved core audience within the black community.

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