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Errol Morris Gets Active

Errol Morris Gets Active

While he doesn’t have a new film, docu-auteur Errol Morris is injecting himself back into the media landscape. In a New York Times Op-Ed titled “Not Every Picture Tells a Story,” the former detective investigates the “truth” of photographic images and our unique ability to deny facts, even when represented to us quite forcibly: such as the images of a marine shooting an unarmed Iraqi insurgent in the head.

“An unerring fact of human nature is that we habitually reject the evidence of our own senses,” he writes. “If we want to believe something, then we often find a way to do so regardless of evidence to the contrary. Believing is seeing and not the other way around.”

Morris’s new website, has also been up for sometime now, but just this weekend, I finally took the time to look around: Not sure when Morris abandoned his previous site known as the Globe Department Store, but the enhanced pages are a treasure trove of Morris paraphenalia. I must thank MovieCityNews for directing me to it.

His Aborted Projects page includes a priceless few minutes of Donald Trump discussing “Citizen Kane.” For just a few seconds there, it’s almost as if The Donald is revealing some heartfelt and genuine vulnerabilty. But only for a second.

There’s a collection of Morris’ MoveOn political advertisements of ordinary Republican folk talking about all the terrible things Bush has done in his first four years in office and why they’re now voting for Kerry. Too bad it didn’t work. Like everything else proven by the last election, subtlety and intelligence was thrown out the window — these spots didn’t have a chance. But it’s nice to finally see the work that Morris admits “never really saw the light of day.”

The site also includes an archive of Morris’ hilarious Miller Life beer commercials; they’re more subversive than you might think. Did any of these ads actually ever air on television?

There’s also Morris’s own blog known as The Grump, including feature articles and missives, and an online store to purchase his work.

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