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What’s the International Film Festival Summit? It’s the reason I’m packing my stuff tonight to get on a plane for New York tomorrow morning. At the Hudson Hotel over December 7 and 8, a few of us festival folks are gathering to discuss the state of our industry. I’m on three panels, I think. Two for sure, I was asked to join another the other day.

Anyway, it’ll be a nice time to be in New York. The holidays. Sorry friends and family, who knows how much holiday shopping I’ll be able to finish in the Big Apple. I think I’m gonna be pretty busy. While not doing the Summit, I’ll have a few meetings. Not to mention, the SXSW deadline is tomorrow as well. So things are getting very busy, as filmmakers get very busy submitting their work. I’m packing and watching stuff tonight. I may even watch some submissions during my trip.

See you in New York.

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