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29 Projects On Tap for Tribeca Program Aimed at Supporting Filmmakers of Color

29 Projects On Tap for Tribeca Program Aimed at Supporting Filmmakers of Color

29 Projects On Tap for Tribeca Program Aimed at Supporting Filmmakers of Color

by Eugene Hernandez

Tribeca All Access Connects has unveiled the 29 projects that will participate in this year’s program, aimed at fostering relationships between U.S. based filmmakers of color and the film industry. This year, a new component will showcase unrepresented screenwriters, offering them the opportunity to join directors during the four days of meetings and event that will run concurrent with this year’s Tribeca Film Festival (April 19 – May 1).

“We’re proud to bring attention to worthy projects and create connections for filmmakers of color,” said Robert DeNiro, co-founder of the Tribeca Film Institute, in a statement.”

13 of the 29 projects are narrative, offering screenplay’s with a director attached, while eight are docs and five are scripts only. One filmmaker in each category will win the Tribeca All Access Creative Promise Award, which will give $10,000 for a narrative or doc project and $5,000 for a screenplay.

Projects participating in the Signature Series for established directors of color are Rose Troche with “In A Country of Mothers,” St. Clair Borne with “The Black Panther Party For Self-Defense” and Barbara Wong‘s “The Marriage Celebrant.”

Last year, timed to the launch of the new Tribeca All Access program, indieWIRE explored the topic of diversity in American cinema with the results of a survey of people in the film community.

The complete list of Tribeca All Access projects follows (information provided by the festival).


“Dirty Hands” – Director/writer Cetywa Powell
Three Middle Eastern captives fight to retain their sanity and dignity in the face of their American interrogators, who in turn struggle with demons of their own. Drama.

“Eat, For This Is My Body” – Director/writer Michelange Quay
An unusual relationship between a woman and her young servant, Patrick, sets them on a visceral journey of self-discovery across the poverty stricken landscape of Haiti. Producer Tom Dercourt. Drama.

“El Machito” – Director/writer Alonso Filomeno Mayo
A retired English soccer star isn’t adjusting well to his new life as a scout until he encounters an extraordinary Peruvian soccer talent whose temper just might end his career. Producer Nina Leidersdorff. Drama.

“Forbidden City” – Director/writer Georgia Lee
Reclusive book editor Soliel Li inadvertently saves a strange woman from an assault, and is unprepared for the surreal consequences that follow. Producers Jane Chen and Mia Riverton. Drama.

“Hong Kong Hero” – Director/writer Abraham Lim
Kenya, present day: Internationally renowned martial artist and Hollywood movie star Johnny Tang is kidnapped from the set of his latest film by a resourceful young African boy who believes Johnny can save his village from a brutal warlord. Producer Karin Chien. Action.

“K-Boyz” – Director Jean Shim-Min
Los Angeles, 1992: Amid rising racial tensions, Korean American teenager Daniel is drawn into an Asian gang to save his family from bankruptcy. Writer Martina Nagel. Producers Eric Kim and Precy Betiong. Drama.

“Neither the Veil, Nor the Four Walls” – Director/writer/producer Afia Nathanial
A mother’s desperate attempt to save her young daughter from an arranged marriage turns into an epic road trip crossing many physical and cultural boundaries in present day Pakistan. Co-producer Andeep Singh. Drama.

“Outside the Wall” – Director/writer Elisha Miranda
Talented graffiti artist Isa, fresh out of juvenile detention, returns to her home in the newly gentrified San Francisso Mission and is drawn into an affair with an older, abusive woman. Producer Sonia Malfa. Drama.

“Patria” – Director Paula Heredia
After Long Island gangster Rico is arrested and deported to his native El Salvadore, a home he’s never known, he sets off through the countryside in search of his father and a way back into the U.S. and comes across an amazing discovery: himself. Writer/producer Benjamin Odell, Producer Jon Stern. Drama.

“The Life and Times of H.J. Hermin” – Director/writer Dennis Lee
The product of in-vitro fertilization, 13-year-old genius and college freshman Henry James Hermin sets out to solve an unbreakable computer code and find his biological father. Producer Sukee Chew. Comedy.

“The Red Earth” – Director/writer/producer Liselle Mei
Queensland, Australia 1880s: An illicit affair between the young Chinese mail-order bride of a cane cutter and the privileged son of the English plantation owner, leads to a clash of cultures with tragic results. Co-writer Cory Taylor. Producer Trish Lake. Period Drama.

“The Space Between All Things” – Director Randy Redroad
Leaving behind the fresh memories of his dead wife, a miner seeks companionship and redemption from strangers who cross his path on the journey from Nevada to California. Writer B. Russell Friedenberg, Producers Heather Rae and Yvonne Russo. Drama.

“Untitled Flies Project” – Director/writer Kit Hui
As a deadly typhoon approaches Hong Kong, a fly infestation in one apartment complex forces three families to confront their demons. Producers Ramsey Fong, Cherry Montejo. Drama.


“Dark Tide” – Screenplay by Eric Dandridge
A scientist chases a Nazi bent on changing history. Sci-Fi Adventure.

“Gibran” – Screenplay by Rana Kazkaz
A small, fragile Lebanese American boy grows up to become the great and revered author of The Prophet, Khalil Gibran. Bio pic.

“Glory Masters” – Screenplay by Akin Salawu
St. Louis, 1933: Before tough-as-nails, gun-toting black singer Glory Masters can finally own her own nightclub, she must free herself from the violent grip of her first love, who also happens to own the bordello she was born and raised in. Period Drama.

“Lyrical” – Screenplay by Carter Stewart
A Harvard law student, intent on coasting through his final year of school, must face his own prejudices when forced to defend a young rapper against first-degree murder charges. Drama.

“The Undeniable Charm of Sloppy Unruh” – Screenplay by Mario de la Vega
Texas, 1957: A charismatic, sometime music teacher, with a knack for seduction returns to his hometown to a mixed reception, determined to con his way back into his family’s good graces. Drama.


“Lillie & Leander: A Legacy of Violence” – Director/Producer Jeffrey Morgan
A woman’s research into the murder of her great aunt leads to dark secrets about her family’s involvement in racist murders in nineteenth century Florida. Producer Alice Hurwitz.

“Miss Navajo” – Director/Producer Billy Luther
One Navajo woman’s quest for the 2005 Miss Navajo Nation Crown leads her to question the role of women in bridging the reality and mythology of her culture. Producer Duana C. Butler. Executive Producer Fenton Bailey.

“Na Hula Kane: The Men of Hula” – Director/Producer: Lisette Marie Flanary
Providing a rare glimpse into the only male hula school in Hawaii, Na Hula Kane chronicles the teachings of the legendary hula teacher Robert Cazimero, a major figure in the Hawaiian renaissance movement. Producer Keo Woolford.

“Nice Bombs” – Director/Producer Usama Alshaibi
Filmmaker Usama Alshaibi and his father journey through the terrain of war torn Iraq after the elder’s twenty-four year exile from his homeland. Producers Ben Berkowitz, Ben Redgrave, Kristie Alshaibi.

“Planet B-Boy” – Director/Producer Benson Lee
Jumping continents and crossing cultures, Planet B-Boy looks at the history of breakdancing and its vibrant resurgence in urban cultures around the world.

“Project Kashmir” – Directors/Producers Senain Kheshgi, Geeta Patel
Traveling the forbidden territories of Kashmir, this film chronicles the journey of two immigrants on a mission to understand the lingering effects of war in their homeland and their own cultural identities.

“Road To Glory” – Director Lewis Payton
Following the paths of a group of traveling gospel plays, Road To Glory examines a world of black entertainment few have seen since the days of vaudeville. Producer Elizabeth V. Foley; Executive Producers Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini.

“Threatened” – Director/Producer Hugo Espinel
An intimate look into the lives of four people who are living under a death threat in Colombia.

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