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Still More TFF Titles: Tribeca Unveils Over 65 Additional Fest Features

Still More TFF Titles: Tribeca Unveils Over 65 Additional Fest Features

Still More TFF Titles: Tribeca Unveils Over 65 Additional Fest Features

by Eugene Hernandez

A scene from Southan Morris’ “George Michael: A Different Story.” Photo provided by the Tribeca Film Festival.

Four more sections of films that will screen at the 2005 Tribeca Film Festival (April 19 – May 1) have been announced by the festival organizers. The TFF Showcase section includes movies that have screened at other film festivals around the world, but have yet to screen in New York, while the new Wide Angle section is for World and North American premieres from around the world that are by emerging international filmmakers.

Also unveiled were the rosters for the Restored/Rediscovered section titles and a list of midnight movies.

“The titles announced today,” said TFF executive director Peter Scarlet, “comprise a rich lode of works by new talents at Tribeca this year. In Wide Angle, they’re all World or North American Premieres while our Showcase contains an equally strong selection culled from films already shown elsewhere in the US, most of them at film festivals where they either generated considerable excitement, won prizes, or both. The Restored/Rediscovered section brings back a handful of treasures from the past, and Midnight presents a selection specially chosen for night owls.”

Tribeca Film Festival Showcase, Wide Angle, Restored/Rediscovered and Midnight lineups (information provided by the Tribeca Film Festival):


“Aurora Borealis,” directed by James Burke, written by Brent Boyd (U.S.A.) – World Premiere

“Bastards of the Party,” a documentary directed by Cle Sloan (U.S.A.) – World Premiere

“The Baxter,” directed and written by Michael Showalter (U.S.A.) – World Premiere. An IFC Films release.

“Children of ‘Open City'” (Figli di “Roma, città aperta”), a documentary directed by Laura Muscardin (Italy) – North American Premiere

“Détour De Seta,” a documentary directed by Salvo Cuccia, written by Cuccia and Benni Atria (Italy) – North American Premiere

“God Grew Tired of US,” a documentary directed by Tommy Walker and Christopher Quinn (U.S.A.) – World Premiere

“George Michael: A Different Story,” a documentary directed by Southan Morris (U.K.) – North American Premiere

“The Illustrated Family Doctor,” directed by Kriv Stenders, written by Stenders and David Snell (Australia) – International Premiere

“The L.A. Riot Spectacular,” directed and written by Marc Klasfeld (U.S.A.) – World Premiere

“News from Afar” (Noticias Lejanas), directed by Ricardo Benet (Mexico) – International Premiere

“Negotiations,” directed by Rachel Shuman (U.S.A.) – World Premiere

“The Outsider,” a documentary directed by Nicholas Jarecki (U.S.A.) – World Premiere

A scene from Christian Alvart’s “Antibodies.” Photo provided by the Tribeca Film Festival.

“Piccadilly Jim,” directed by John McKay (U.K.) – World Premiere

“Play,” directed and written by Alicia Scherson (Chile, Argentina) – World Premiere

“Rikidozan,” directed and written by Hae-sung Song (South Korea) – North American Premiere

“Rock the Paint,” directed by Phil Bertelsen, written by Dallas Mitchell Brennan (U.S.A.) – World Premiere

“Runaway,” directed by Tim McCann, written by Bill True (U.S.A.) – World Premiere

“Shackles,” directed by Charles Winkler, written by Donald Martin (U.S.A.) – World Premiere

“Shakespeare Was a Big George Jones Fan: Cowboy Jack Clement’s Home Movies,” a documentary directed by Robert Gordon and Morgan Neville (U.S.A.) – World Premiere

“A Sidewalk Astronomer,” a documentary directed by Jeffrey Jacobs (U.S.A.) – World Premiere

“Slippin’ – Ten Years with the Bloods,” a documentary directed and written by Tommy Sowards and Joachim Schroeder (U.S.A.) – World Premiere

“Special Thanks to Roy London,” a documentary directed by Christopher Monger (U.S.A.) – World Premiere

“Testament (Tenja),” directed by Hassan Legzouli, written by Legzouli and Emmanuelle Sardou (Morocco, France) – North American Premiere

“There Is No Direction,” directed by Sarah Bertrand (France) – North American Premiere

“World Mirror Cinema” (Welt Spiegel Kino), a documentary directed by Gustav Deutsch (Austria, Netherlands) – North American Premiere


“13 Lakes,” directed and written by James Benning (U.S.A.) – New York Premiere

“Aaltra,” directed and written by Benoît Delépine and Gustave Kervern (Belgium) – New York Premiere

Animation by the Hubleys: John, Faith and Emily” – Special Program directed by The Hubleys

“After Innocence,” directed by Jessica Saunders, written by Saunders and Marc Simon (U.S.A.) – New York Premiere

“Czech Dream” (Cesky sen), a documentary directed and written by Vit Klusák and Filip Remunda (Czech Republic) – New York Premiere

“Days and Hours,” directed by Pjer Zalica, written by Namik Kabil (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – New York Premiere

“Edgar G. Ulmer – The Man OFF Screen,” a documentary directed by Michael Palm (U.S.A., Austria) – New York Premiere

“En Route to Baghdad,” a documentary directed by Simone Duarte, written by Duarte and Karen Sztajnberg (U.S.A., Brazil) – New York Premiere

“How to Eat Your Watermelon in White Company (and Enjoy It),” a documentary directed and written by Joe Angio (U.S.A.) – New York Premiere

“Layer Cake,” directed by Matthew Vaughn, written by J.J. Connelly (U.S.A) – New York Premiere. A Sony Pictures Classics release.

“Mackendrick on Film,” presented by Paul Cronin (U.K.) – Special Program

“Midwinter Night’s Dream,” directed by Goran Paskaljevic, written by Filip David and Paskaljevic (Serbia and Montenegro) – New York Premiere

“The Ninth Day” (Der neunte Tag), directed by Volker Schlöndorff, written by Eberhard Görner and Andreas Pflüger (Germany) – New York Premiere

“Off to War,” a documentary directed by Brent Renaud and Craig Renaud (U.S.A.) – New York Premiere

“The Power of Nightmares,” a documentary directed by Adam Curtis, (U.K.) – New York Premiere

“Same Sex America,” a documentary directed by Henry Corra (U.S.A.) – New York Premiere

“The Souvenirs of Mr. X” (Die Souvenirs des Herrn X), a documentary directed by Arash T. Raihi (Austria, Germany) – New York Premiere

“Street Fight,” a documentary directed by Marshall Curry (U.S.A.) – New York Premiere

“The Swenkas,” a documentary directed by Jeppe Rønde, written by Rønde and Kim Leona (Denmark) – U.S. Premiere

“The Thing About My Folks,” directed by Raymond de Felitta, written by Paul Reiser (U.S.A.) – New York Premiere

“Touch the Sound,” a documentary directed by Thomas Riedelsheimer (Germany, U.K.) – New York Premiere

“A Tribute to Alexander Hammid: Selected Works (1930-1964)” – Special Program

“Trudell,” a documentary directed by Heather Rae, written by B. Russel Friedenberg (U.S.A.) – New York Premiere

“Vento Di Terra,” directed and written by Vincenzo Marra (Italy) – New York Premiere

A scene from Marc Klasfield’s “The L.A. Riot Spectacular.” Photo provided by the Tribeca Film Festival.


“Almost a Man” (Un uomo a metà), directed by Vittorio De Seta, written by De Seta, Fabio Capri and Vera Gherarducci (Italy, 1966). New copy with new English subtitles courtesy of the Filmoteca Regionale Siciliana.

“Come Back Africa,” directed by Lionel Rogosin, written by Rogosin, Bloke Modisane and Lewis Nkosi (U.S.A., 1959). Restored by the Cineteca di Bologna with the cooperation of Anthology Film Archives.

“Miss Else” (Fräulein Else), directed and written by Paul Czinner (Germany, 1928, silent with live musical accompaniment). Restored by the Cineteca di Bologna.

“My Sister Eileen,” directed by Richard Quine, written by Quine and Blake Edwards (U.S.A., 1955). Restored by Sony Pictures.

“They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?,” directed by Sydney Pollack, written by James Poe and Robert E. Thompson (U.S.A., 1969)

“We All Loved Each Other So Much” (C’eravamo tanto amati), directed by Ettore Scola, written by Age & Scarpelli and Scola (Italy, 1974). Restored by Cinecittà Holding.

“Young Filmmakers Rediscovered,” directed by various youthful New York City artists (U.S.A., 1964 – 1974). Preserved by the Donnell Media Center of The New York Public Library.


“7 Dwarves” (7 Zwerge), directed by Sven Unterwaldt, written by Untervaldt, Bernd Eilert, Otto Waalkes (Germany) – North American Premiere

“Antibodies” (Antikörper), directed and written by Christian Alvart (Germany) – World Premiere

“Infection” (Kansen), directed and written by Masayuki Ochiai (Japan) – North American Premiere

“Long Distance,” directed by Marcus Stern, written by Michael Rasmussen, Shawn Rasmussen and Glenn Cooper (U.S.A.) – World Premiere

“Modify,” directed and written by Greg Jacobson and Jason Gary (U.S.A.) – World Premiere

“The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green,” directed by George Bamber, written by David Vernon (U.S.A.) – World Premiere

“Premonition” (Yogen), directed by Norio Tsuruta, written by Noboru Takagi (Japan) – North American Premiere

“Reeker,” directed and written by Dave Payne (U.S.A.) – New York Premiere

“Shutter,” directed by Parkpoom Wongpoom and Banjong Pisanthanakun, written by Wongpoom, Pisanthanakun and Sophon Sakdapisit (Thailand) – North American Premiere

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