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Tribeca 2005.3: The State

Tribeca 2005.3: The State

I miss The State. Not Texas, but the TV show on MTV years ago. To come to terms with this, I didn’t want to miss The Baxter (not to be confused with that movie about the dog from years back) here at Tribeca. The new film from Michael (Wet Hot American Summer) Showalter featuring himself and the rest of the guys from the cult sketch comedy show was painfully amusing. I liked it a whole lot, actually.

The concept basically revolves around following the “guy left at the altar” in favor of the heartthrob (get The Apartment reference in the title?). In other words, imagine if Sleepless in Seattle was told from Bill Pullman’s perspective. Or maybe Charles Grodin’s character in Seems Like Old Times. Or, The Graduate told from the POV of the guy Katharine Ross dumps at her wedding in favor of Dustin Hoffman. That’s what The Baxter is all about, the guys who never get the girl. It was a nice surprise after a mixed bag called My Brother’s Summer, an Italian film in competition here at Tribeca. It starts off charming, but then devolves into a weird almost Pro-Life kinda allegory that I wasn’t connecting with, despite some nice direction.

I almost didn’t make it to the gym this morning, but I forced myself out of bed and hit the weightroom (still trying to keep it easy on my broken toe, and NYC walking doesn’t help!). Last night was a blend of events and meetings. I also caught the disappointing doc TV Party, about the legendary New York cable access program… no fun at that party.

On the party scene, there was fun to be had at the Transamerica soiree, featuring a brief set by Duncan Sheik. After that, there were several to choose from, but the lot of us decided on the Adam & Steve party in a gallery on Greenwich. Parties at galleries always freak me out, because obviously they don’t want you to have too much fun, or you may ended spilling red wine on a $5,000 painting. Or, maybe that’s their sales strategy.

Otherwise, I’ve had good meetings catching up with folks like Peter from Moviefone, Bo from AIVF, and I really must say that Christy Lemire from The Associated Press is one of the coolest, sweetest, nicest people you’ll ever meet…

Off to a reception, and maybe buying a digital camera… watch out.

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