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Criticism ISN’T dead!

Criticism ISN'T dead!

A lot of people (or at least the half-dozen who give a shit) might think we Reverse Shotters a relentlessly negative bunch, the way we heap abuse on the autopilot prose of so many of our critical contemporaries. But we by no means take delight in playing killjoy, which is why it is with utmost pleasure that we draw our reader’s attention to the emergence of a powerful new critical voice. “nswfzf,” writing on ‘Super Mario Bros.” in that most egalitarian of forums, the user comments, displays a robust, idiosyncratic prose that seems to have sprung from nowhere, fully-formed, like some Olympian. If there is a greater joy than watching the fluid maneuvers of nswfzf’s spry mind, I don’t know what it might be–to watch his words whoop and wheel across the screen is nothing short of a revelation:

Greatest Movie Since Ever., 24 September 2004

Author: nswfzf

When did we learn to be so critical to movies, and stop having fun with them? Movies like this, Mortal Kombat, Independence Day, etc are my examples of the greatest movies. These movies set out to be totally entertaining from the get go, and succeed. Sure it doesn’t take much work, but who cares? Why waste time worrying about plot flaws? Aren’t movies generally released for our entertainment?

I got an idea, I’ll goto the movies and enjoy the entertainment, and you sit at home with an 8 page essay written by a famous lawyer and analyze it. We should both be happy then.

To the point of entertainment, this movie is the greatest. I do not exaggerate when I say I’ve seen the movies over fifty times. Still rolling with laughter at Luigi’s use of the term ‘buiscet-head’, to counter ‘over-weening rogue’.

Of course, we must differentiate between movies and film. Film is serious Cinema, a true art. Some movies breach the difference between the two categories (Training Day), but this one certainly does not at all. If there was a line with ‘movie’ on one end and ‘film’ on the other, this would be all the way on the movie end. So while I would say this is the greatest movie, its the worst film. The greatest film is Paris, Texas.

I would like to address consistency issues, mainly dealing with the impossiblity of de-evolution and little things like lizards having hair, or a shard of a meteorite merging dimensions. This is clearly a FANTASY world, and anything can be changed in such a world, why try to apply real standards and knowledge to it? For example, people were complaining Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, that Mat Cauthon (One of the three main characters) learns to juggle 6 balls at once way too fast, that mastering such a feat takes 20 years in real life or something like that. But its a FANTASY world, RJ can dictate any set of deft learning he likes. People who consider themselves intelligent have a bad habit of hunting for flaws in everything, but why? Is that proof of civility?

I wont bore you further, this is a good movie though, I recommend it to anyone who likes to have fun.

There you have it, folks. “Paris, Texas.” Thank you, and God bless.

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