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Jump Cuts Take 1

Jump Cuts Take 1

By reading numerous websites, blogs, and various other publications, I often think, Wow! this would be a great thing to write about in my blog. Generally, that impulse quickly passes and this blog goes yet another week with no new entries.

So for this latest attempt at getting Jump Cuts um, jumping, I’ve decided to just post some memorable quotes from a variety of sources that I found intriguing, amusing, offensive, inspiring, blah blah blah.

Here we go (in no particular order):

“The great thing about the Classical Hollywood narrative is that it basically follows the structure of the male orgasm: it’s all build, build, build; spectacular release; and then usually a little bit of tidying up before anybody goes home.”

Karina Longsworth, Cinematical

“This may sound ridiculous, but look at something like ‘Plan 9 From Outer Space.’ Yeah, okay, so it’s a bad movie. Everyone likes to make fun of it. But it’s a more entertaining and iconic film than ‘Last Action Hero’ or ‘S.W.A.T.’ I mean, those are just big-budget, forgettable nothings.”

Director Rob Zombie, The Onion AV Club

“In a cinematic climate where an ‘indie stalwart’ like JJ (Jim Jarmusch) coasts on name recognition and a familiar haircut and I’m close to declaring Rob Zombie the most exciting new American filmmaker working, ‘Junebug’ is much more than just a breath of fresh air, slight as it may seem on first glance.”

Jeff Reichert, indieWIRE

“The liberals will straighten up now,” says Gordon Summey of Spartanburg, reacting to John Bolton getting the job of ambassador to the United Nations. “Now the spineless, bleeding-heart liberal wimps who let the United Nations operate a complete travesty of justice will straighten up. We now have a man in there who will say what he thinks and defend this country instead of bowing to countries like China and France.

The Stroller, Spartanburg Herald-Journal

(The Stroller is Talk of the Town type column from my hometown newspaper. Login required.)

“i don’t get when people are so like “NO REGRETS, MAN.” and they shake their heads with the wisdom of someone who’se been through it all, and they’re like 26. Nooooo regrets. holy shit, sometimes my whole life feels like a festival of regret.”

Molly Reisner’s Blog

(Molly Reisner is a comedian and good friend.)

“Last year I took Computer Science at Dawson College. I was pretty psyched to be going to college for three years to study computers after putting up with the five years of bullshit and bare minimum academic self-application known throughout the world as “high school”. Pretty psyched until I realized it was more or less a more complex version of high school but with many more people and that computer science was, in fact, really fucking boring.”

Jacob Young, Outbursts blog

(Jacob is a seventeen year Canadian who was responsible for the notorious Terry Schiavo blog.)

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