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More Milonakis

More Milonakis

Since my earlier post about the controversy over MTV comedy star Andy Milonakis (the child-like comedian who may actually be 29 years old instead of 14, as he appears), over 100 comments have followed. Many of them have debated the validity of the gossip over Milonakis’ age. Well, after he dodged Rolling Stone and their questions, it looks like we may have some confirmation that he is pushing 30.

In a recent feature from The Washington Post (Watergate mean anything to you? Woodward and Bernstein?), journalist David Segal chats with Milonakis and his mother about the rumors. While Milonakis remains vague about the truth, The Washington Post (in need of a “Deep Throat” on this one) proceeds to offer insight such as:

“Milonakis is a former tech support staffer at a Manhattan accounting firm, and for a time he took improv classes in Manhattan in hopes of breaking into showbiz. His youthful appearance is neither an act nor a miracle of makeup. It’s the result of a ‘growth hormone problem,’ as he told the New York Observer a couple years ago…”


“He was raised in Westchester County and has one sister, who is older. In high school, looking younger than his classmates could have been a huge liability, but his mother never heard him complain about it.

‘He was a really outgoing kid,’ says Kathleen Milonakis. ‘Always wanted to go to parties, had a lot of friends.’

and don’t forget…

“Studying the guts of computers had been a passion for a while, and after high school, when the Internet boom arrived, he found a way to marry his geekdom to his inner ham. When he wasn’t at that tech support job at the accounting firm, he posted video vignettes, shot by himself at home, to, a site started by a friend.

then, perhaps most appropriate…

“‘I just hate the age thing,’ he says at lunch. ‘It’s just annoying to me because people ask me my age like 100 times a day. I don’t even acknowledge it.’

The vehicle of Milonakis’s fame — the World Wide Web — makes pinpointing his date of birth pretty simple, however. But why belabor the matter? Part of the joy of his shtick is the assumption that it springs from the addled mind of a rambunctious high school sophomore, and maybe to some extent it does.

I smell another Pulitzer, Washington Post! So, can we close the book on the topic? I guess that won’t happen until Milonakis actually admits it himself. Thanks to for the tip.

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