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Hillary v. Condi

Hillary v. Condi

0060839139.jpgOn the plane back from the UK today, I read an excerpt (in The Observer) from “Condi vs. Hillary,” the new book by former Clinton administration insider Dick Morris (and Eileen McGann). In the book, the authors write that only one person stands in the way of Hillary Clinton being elected president in 2008:

As of this moment, there is no doubt that Hillary Clinton is on a virtually uncontested trajectory to win the Democratic nomination and, very likely, the 2008 election. She has no serious opposition in her party. The order of presidential succession from 1992 through 2008, in other words, may well become Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton.

But her victory is not inevitable. There is one, and only one, figure in America who can stop Hillary Clinton: Secretary of State Condoleezza ‘Condi’ Rice. Among all of the possible Republican candidates for President, Condi alone could win the nomination, defeat Hillary and derail a third Clinton administration.

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