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Tom Gilroy, Indie Actor-Director, Slams Bush Cabal in Blog

Tom Gilroy, Indie Actor-Director, Slams Bush Cabal in Blog

Try as best I can to keep these missives tied to the film industry, a recent blog from Tom Gilroy, actor, director and writer (“Spring Forward“) on The Huffington Post titled “White House in Chaos’ & Other Utter Horseshit” has fueled a fire inside me, and judging from the comments on his post, has also struck a chord in a lot of other people, as well.

Gilroy eloquently and angrily blasts the prevailing mainstream media notion that the Bush Administration, after several setbacks, is somehow in trouble. “The problem with these snappy doomsday pronouncements—collective wishes really—is that they bear no relationship to reality,” Gilroy writes. “You really have to wonder what kind of bloated house-bound moron could think slumping polls and plummeting approval ratings would worry a gang of fanatics who stole two elections in a row, invaded a country they knew couldn’t defend itself, and gave a male hustler White House security clearance.”

Gilroy takes note of several Administration moves, post-“Plamegate,” that show just how little any of the so-called crises have affected the Bush/Cheney gang’s bid to steal your money and legalize torture.

Watching the protests in Latin America and France over the weekend, I’m starting to think these sorts of actions are really what it’s coming down to: violent protest may be the only way to gain these criminals’ attention. Where is the public outrage at the recent news of America’s network of secret prisons — called “black sites” — where suspected — I repeat suspected — terrorists are held indefinitely without due process, and in no uncertain terms, are being brutally tortured by the agents of the great U.S. of A.?

Gilroy seems to have given up hope. His blog shows frustration and fury over what seems like a hopeless cause. And I share this frustration. Creature comforts have made Americans complacent. Why rock the boat, when we can still go down to the corner and get our Starbucks and return home to television sitcoms, our lives fundamentally unchanged by the immoral acts committed by our countrymen? Why risk going to prison, because we have so much to live for back in our Brookyn studio apartments or our small Silverlake cottages? Well, guess what, it’s all in jeopardy. For no other reason than our own selfish, materialistic needs, we have to fight back. Because the way the G.O.P. is gutting domestic policies like healthcare, destroying the environment and fueling anti-American sentiment around the world, the U.S. and our nice, comfy lives are being threatened bigtime.

What’s it going to take, people? Gilroy and I can blog to the end of time, but there’s a major blowback on the horizon and if we all don’t take to the streets and demand moral action (an end to torture, an end to corporate givebacks, an end to Israel’s occuptation of the Palestinian territories, an end to unilateral force and a call for a multi-national, Arab-led peacekeeping force in Iraq), it’s all going to shit.

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