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2005: The Blog That Was

2005: The Blog That Was

Now that the year is coming to an end, I wanted to look back on some of the posts from this blog that were among the most-read and discussed things of the year. Some of them still have debates and reader insight coming to this day. In fact, one commenter wrote on December 23 (in response to the Nip/Tuck discussions): “Matt you and your blog suck balls. please service me. Quintin bitches.”

It was surprising to see what people found worth reading and discussing on the blog over the last 12 months. Who knew Sharkboy and Lavagirl had such a hardcore fanbase? And, I doubt we’ll ever get tired of the Marguerite Perrin Fan Club. For the topics that made 2005 a memorable year for me, as a blogger, here are the top five entries and their comments:

1. Just Saw ‘Sith’ – May 5, 2005

Sample comments:
“Dude, how much did lucasfilms pay you??” Posted by Paul

“Lord of the Rings forever!!!!! …..i’m so lonely” Posted by Hciddy

2. How Old Is Andy Milonakis? – August 14, 2005

Sample comments:
“Well…we all know that everybody in film never really made it out of adolesence fully.” Posted by Hutch

“andy i think ur a cool guy and all but u need to come clear with ur age and all. p.s. the show is so great” Posted by nick

3. ‘Nip/Tuck’ Season Finale – October 6, 2004

Sample comments:
“Season 3 is soo good! I have my suspicions of who the carver is, but its supposed to be who we least expect…so…I may be wrong!” Posted by Kaitlin

“What an ending… I can’t wait to see what happens next season. I bet SM and CT go after the carver to try to catch them. They won’t let Kit and Quentin get away with what they have done. Does any one know what the test results were from Julia’s Doctors visit? Do you think that Cherry really killed Matts ex’s dad?” Posted by cc

4. ‘Sharkboy and Lavagirl’ – June 5, 2005

Sample comments:
“hi i think sharkboy is hot and everyone in my school thinks he is hot too!i think lavagirl is very pritty!i love there move!” Posted by hilary

“Hey, I think sharkboy is so cute not just cute but fine I really liked his movie when I first saw him I was like whoa he is so cute. I cant wait to see him in the movie Cheaper by the dozen 2.” Posted by Marquissa

5. The Marguerite Perrin Fan Club – November 16, 2005

Sample comments:
“I can not tell you how much joy Marguerite has brought to my life. I just wish I could get her bobblehead on ebay.” Posted by sorcerer

“I just learned of my cousin Marguerite Perrin from my other cousin in Tickfaw, Louisiana tonight. I missed the Jay Leno show she was on, which I watch religiously, because it was my husband’s birthday. And, I don’t get the Fox Channel and never even heard of Trading Spouses. I don’t watch much TV, but had I known my cousin would be on, I would have for sure – and taped it too. Mrs. Perrin is too cool! I loved her! If she’s reading this, we are related. My great grandfather was Sabastiano Sampere and my grandfather was Morris Macaluso of Independence and Tickfaw. My maternal great great grandmother was Josephine Sasso Guzzardo. The Macaluso family moved to Rockford Illinois in the 40s. I would like to talk to you sometime. You were a hoot! Of all nights not to watch Leno – and I even have been in his Chicago audience before. You go girl! Viva Louisiana and the Sicilian people and all people of God.” Posted by Valeri DeCastris

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