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Another Season of Buying & Selling: Surveying the Brokers

Another Season of Buying & Selling: Surveying the Brokers


[EDITORS NOTE: The data included in this article has been revised since it was first published in December 2005]

At a recent dinner, an active dealmaker who has been involved with many festival film sales in recent years explained that each year filmmakers have little information available that can help them to make decisions about selling their films. The annual Sundance Film Festival in January ushers in a new year of films and flmmakers as a new crop enters the festival circuit. Yet those without seasoned producers may find it hard to decide how to navigate the business side of the festival.

There are numerous of companies, talent agencies and individuals working as producer’s reps for independent filmmakers, picking up on a business perhaps made most famous, in the mid-90s, by John Pierson. Today reps pursue independent filmmakers before and after the Sundance lineup is announced, hoping to secure the right to represent anticipated Sundance titles. Deals typically involve a rep taking a percentage from a sale of the film. And reps often pick up additional films as the year progresses, while continuing to try and sell films that didn’t get a deal in Park City.

As another year of new films begins this week with the announcement of the annual Sundance Film Festival lineup, and organizers proclaim that the festival is dominated by “new faces,” we decided to survey the many companies and people involved in selling movies to distributors. As Sundance approaches we plan to update the article with more information on the films being repped by each entity, in addition to our ongoing coverage of the business side of the festival. We’ll also explore sales at other key markets during the year as the circuit continues.

Each company or individual below was sent the same email message requesting information on key staff and key deals, as well as contact information. Those that have yet to respond are indicated below as well. Survey questions that were unanswered are indicated with an n/a. Companies and individuals were also give the opportunity to include other info about their work or history.

ON A RELATED NOTE: Steve Rosen reported from Los Angeles recently reported for indieWIRE on the Film Independent all-day seminar, “Sell Your Film Without Getting Screwed!”

[Corrections, clarifications and updates to this list can be sent indieWIRE at: office AT indiewire DOT com.]

Key staff: Micah Green, Rick Hess, Kevin Iwashina, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, Emanuel Nunez, John Ptak, Roeg Sutherland, Bart Walker

Sundance ’06 Slate: “The Darwin Awards”, “The Foot Fist Way”, “God Grew Tired of Us”, “The Science of Sleep”, “Sherrybaby”

Sundance ’05 Films: ‘Matador’ (sold), ‘Rize’ (sold, co-represented)

Contact Information:
9830 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Other Film Sales at ’05 Festivals: ‘Trust the Man’ (Toronto 2005), ‘Harsh Times’ (Toronto 2005), ‘Prarie Home Companion’ (co-represented)

Other info: Previously sold “Crash”, “Good Night and Good Luck”, “Running with Scissors”, “Brokeback Mountain”, “Fur”

Key staff: Liesl Copland, Erin Heidenreich, Matt Littin, Dana O’Keefe, John Sloss

Sundance ’06 Slate: “Cargo”, “The Ground Truth”, “Little Miss Sunshine”, “One Last Dance”, “Puccini For Beginners”, “Quinceanera”, “The Sasquatch Dumpling Gang” (Slamdance), “Stephanie Daley”, “The Trials of Darryl Hunt”, “Wordplay”

Sundance ’05 Films: “Brick” (sold), “Duane Hopwood” (sold), “The Fall of Fujimori” (sold), “How the Garcia Girls Spent their Summer”, “Lonesome Jim” (sold), “Mad Hot Ballroom” (sold), “New York Doll” (sold), “On A Clear Day” (sold), “Protocols of Zion”(sold), “The Puffy Chair”, “Reel Paradise” (sold), “Strangers with Candy”, “Swimmers”, “Why We Fight” (sold), “Cronicas” (sold), “Murderball” (sold), “Mysterious Skin” (sold), “Rock School” (sold).

Previous Sundance Films: “Napoleon Dynamite”, “Super Size Me”, “Pieces of April”, “Control Room”, “Capturing the Friedmans”, “The Machinist”, “Dig!”.

Contact info:
Cinetic Media
555 West 25th Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10001
(212) 204-7979

Other Film Sales at ’05 Festivals: “The King” (Cannes 2005), “Where The Truth Lies” (Cannes 2005), “The Heart of the Game” (Toronto 2005), “Water” (Toronto 2005), “A Prairie Home Companion”

Other info: Cinetic Media is a U.S. based consulting firm providing strategic
advisory services to the entertainment and media industries. Our key practice areas are project financing, project sales, and corporate consulting (strategy and finance). The firm’s clients range from multi-national media conglomerates to individual motion picture producers.


Sundance ’06 Slate: No films.

Sundance ’05 Films: Ballets Russes (sold)

Previous Sundance Films: “Spitfire Grill”

Contact info:
1221 1/2 Ozeta Terrace
Los Angeles, CA 90069

Other Film Sales at ’05 Festivals: n/a


Sundance ’06 Slate: “Subject Two” (co-representing with Lantern Lane)

Sundance ’05 Films: “This Revolution”

Previous Sundance Films: “Better Luck Tomorrow”, “Scratch”, “Two Family House”

Contact info:
3200 Airport Avenue
Suite 1
Santa Monica, CA 90405
tel. (310) 572-1500
Fax (310) 572-1501

Other Film Sales at ’05 Festivals: n/a

Key staff: Ira Deutchman, Josh Green

Sundance ’06 Slate: n/a

Sundance ’05 Films: None

Previous Sundance Films: n/a

Contact info:
Emerging Pictures
245 West 55th Street, 4th FL
New York, NY 10019
PH (212) 245-6767
FAX (212) 202-4984

Other Film Sales at ’05 Festivals (and beyond): “Red Doors”, “The Devil’s Miner”, “Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding”, “Second Best”, “Home Of The Brave”, “The Ballad of Bering Strait”, “Ball In The House/Relative Evil”, “Way Past Cool”, “Kiss Me Guido”

Other info: Emerging Pictures representation services are backed by the unique ability to leverage its distribution/exhibition venture, Emerging Cinemas, to offer some limited theatrical exposure, if appropriate. The company is establishing a network of digital cinemas inside of underutilized arts institutions around the country.

Ira Deutchman has been making, marketing and distributing films for nearly thirty years, having worked on over 130 films including some of the most successful independent films of all time. He was one of the founders of Cinecom and later created Fine Line Features-two companies that were created from scratch and in their respective times, helped define the independent film business.

Key staff: Andrew Hurwitz, Sue Bodine, Dan O’Meara, Josh Sandler

Sundance ’06 Slate: “The Hawk Is Dying” (co-representing with UTA), “Clear Cut: The Story of Philomath, Oregon”, “Son Of Man”,

Sundance ’05 Films: “The Dying Gaul” (sold), “The Talent Given Us”, “Police Beat,” “212”

Previous Sundance Films: n/a

Contact info: 212/262.1000, x 278 (Dan O’Meara)

Other Film Sales at ’05 Festivals: “The Tiger and the Snow”, “Transamerica,” “Ushpizin,” “Garden State,” “Open Water,” “Riding Giants,” “Deadline”

Rona Wallace

Sundance ’06 Slate: “Forgiving the Franklins”, “Neo Ned”

Sundance ’05 Films: “Shakespeare Behind Bars” (sold), “Steal Me” (sold)

Previous Sundance Films: n/a

Contact info:
400 East 57th Street #12A
New York, New York 10022

Other Film Sales at ’05 Festivals: “The Last Hangman”, “Stolen”

Other info: Previously sold “Open Water,” “The Big White,” “Elvis Has Left The Building”. Extensive background in the industry as an executive prior to forming Eastgate Pictures three years ago. Previous companies include: Stratosphere Entertainment, the Samuel Goldwyn Company, LIVE Entertainment, MGM/UA.

Key staff: Andrew Herwitz, Jared Moshe

Sundance ’06 Slate: “Off The Black”, “Black Gold”, “Wrestling With Angels”, “Destricted”, “Iraq in Fragments”, “Who Needs Sleep”, “The Great Happiness Space” (Slamdance)

Sundance ’05 Films: “Loggerheads” (sold), “Mardi Gras Made In China” (sold), “On The Outs” (sold), “El Immortal” (sold), “After Innocence” (sold)

Previous Sundance Films: “Born Into Brothels” (sold); “CSA/Confederate States of America” (Sold); “Long Life, Happinesss and Prosperity” (sold); “Investigation Into the Invisible World” (sold): “Love and Diane” (sold)

Contact info:
The Film Sales Company
151 Lafayette Street, Fifth Floor
New York, NY 10013

Other Film Sales at ’05 Festivals: Imagine You and Me (sold); Cowboy Del Amor (sold); Our Brand Is Crisis (sold)

Other info: Handled “Fahrenheit 9/11,” “My Architect,” “Kontroll”. Andrew Herwitz is president of The Film Sales Company, the New York based sales agent/producer’s rep. The Company specializes in securing distribution (both domestic and international) for English and foreign language finished films (both fiction and documentary) as well as financing for English language packaged projects. Prior to establishing the company, Herwitz was at Miramax for six years, most recently as co-head of the film acquisitions department. Before that he practiced entertainment law at Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton and Garrison in New York City. Herwitz is a graduate of Harvard College, Columbia Business School and Harvard Law School.

Key staff: Diana Holtzberg, Jan Rofekamp, Barbara Truyen

Sundance ’06 Slate: “American Hardcore”, “A Lion In The House”, “KZ”, “The Giant Buddhas”

Sundance ’05 Films: “Shape of the Moon” (sold), “Shake Hands With The Devil: The Journey of Romeo Dallaire” (sold), “Yang Ban Xi: The Eight Model Works” (sold), “The Real Dirt On Farmer John” (sold), “La Sierra” (sold)

Previous Sundance Films: See below.

Contact info:
Films Transit International, Inc.
166 Second Avenue
New York, NY 10003

Other info: Recent releases: “Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster”, “The Corporation”, “My Flesh and Blood”, “End Of The Century: The Story of The Ramones”, “Bukowski: Born Into This”, “War Photographer”, “Imaginary Witness: Hollywood & The Holocaust”. Founded in 1982 by Jan Rofekamp, Films Transit International, Inc. is one of the worlds leading international sales companies of quality documentaries in two specific genres: Arts & Culture, which include all our documentaries about Arts, Culture, Biography, Cinema and Music, and Society & Politics, which include all our documentaries about Society, Politics, Human Interest and History. We strongly believe in a festival strategy to add prestige to the films worldwide career. Many of our films are selected for the major film festivals like IDFA, Sundance, Berlin and Toronto and win prestigious prizes.

Key staff: Steven Beer

Sundance ’06 Slate: “Tis Autumn”, “Things To Do” (Slamdance)

Sundance ’05 Films: “Zombie Honeymoon” (sold), “This Revolution” (sold), “Who Killed Cock Robin” (deal pending)

Previous Sundance Films: n/a

Contact info:

Other Film Sales at ’05 Festivals: “Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till”, “Dorian Blues”, “Its All Gone Pete Tong”

Other info: Focus is on discovery of new voices and talent. Seeking relationships for career and business collaborations and not merely a film sale. In presenting a film, we share prospective marketing programs with distributors. We highlight all business elements including core audience potential and media and consumer product access points, where they exist. I only handle a few projects at a time because I manage each project personally and do not delegate duties to assistants.

key staff: Shaun Redick, Hal Sadoff

No response.

Key staff: David Garber, Rob Lynch, Enid Garber, Galia Farber

Sundance ’06 Slate: “Subject Two” (co-representing with Jeff Dowd), “Punching at the Sun”

Sundance ’05 Films: We had nothing in Sundance 2005 but now represent BETWEEN. Picked up CHISHOLM 72 – UNBOUGHT & UNBOSSED at Sundance 2004 and did theatrical promotional screenings and sold the video rights to 20th Century Fox. Represented ROLLING KANSAS at Sundance 2003 and sold to Comedy Central as a Premiere before selling the video rights to Monarch Home Entertainment.

Previous Sundance Films: n/a

Contact info:

Other Film Sales at ’05 Festivals (and beyond):“Thing About My Folks”, “Monster”,

Theatrically released “Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer” and “Seeing Other People” (distributed the video and tv rights). The company licenses films to studios and does direct sales to video and TV.

Other info: Lantern Lane is a full service distribution and Producer Rep firm. We work with independents and established production companies to bring feature length films to the market. We consult on all aspects of distribution and Marketing and do direct sales.

Key staff: Linda Lichter, Jamie Feldman, Stephen Clark, Jonathan Shikora, Melissa Rogal, Annie Granatstein

Sundance ’06 Slate: “The Darwin Awards”, “Salvage”

Sundance ’05 Films: “Ellie Parker” (sold), “Rize” (sold, with CAA)

Previous Sundance Films: n/a

Contact info:
Lichter, Grossman, Nichols & Adler, Inc.
9200 Sunset Boulevard, Suite 1200
Los Angeles, CA 90069
Phone: (310) 205-6999
Fax: (310) 205-6990

Key staff: Steven Raphael, Paul Davis

Sundance ’06 Slate: “Forgiven”, “Wristcutters”, “Dreamland”

Sundance ’05 Films: Police Beat, Talent Given Us (sold), The Motel (sold), Mitchellville (sold), The Dying Gaul (sold)

Previous Sundance Films: “Brother to Brother” (sold), “Down to the Bone”

Contact info:

Other Film Sales at ’05 Festivals: n/a

Other info: Also doing academy campaigns on “History of Violence”, “The New World”, “The Dying Gaul”, “Favela Rising”

Key staff: Josh Braun, Dan Braun, Harry Geller

Sundance ’06 Slate: “TV Junkie” (co-rep with ICM), “In Between Days”, “Small Town Gay Bar”, “An Unreasonable Man” (co-rep with William Morris)

Sundance ’05 Films: “Forty Shades of Blue” (sold, with Roger Kass), “Unknown White Male” (sold, with Roger Kass), “Education of Shelby Knox”, “Liberace of Baghdad”, “Romantico”, “Protocols of Zion” (sold, with Cinetic Media), “Commune”

Previous Sundance Films: “Supersize Me,” “Control Room,” “Born Rich,” “In The Realms of the Unreal,” “Dirty Work,” “Los Angeles Plays Itself,” “Overnight,” “DIG!”

Contact info:
Submarine Entertainment
132 Crosby St. #8
New York, NY 10012
212 625-1410
212 625-9931 fax

Other Film Sales at ’05 Festivals: “Boys of Baraka,” “The Roost,” “Seamless,” “Monster Road,” “Jailbait,” “William Eggleston in the Real World”

Key Staff: Roseanne Korenberg, Douglas Stone, Mark Anker

Sundance ’06 Slate: “Half Nelson”, “Solo Dios Sabe”, “Steel City”, “Who Killed The Electric Car? (select international rights)

Sundance ’05 Films: “Hard Candy” (sold), “Pretty Persuastion” (sold)

Previous Sundance Films: n/a

Contact info:

Other Film Sales at ’05 Festivals: “Duck Season,” “Fateless”

Key staff: Rich Klubeck, Jeremy Barber, Stuart Manashil

Sundance ’06 Slate: “Nightlistener”, “Right at Your Door”, “Hawk is Dying”, “Science of Sleep”

Sundance ’05 Films: “Hustle & Flow” (sold), “Thumbsucker” (sold), “Junebug” (sold), “The Devil & Daniel Johnston” (sold)

Previous Sundance Films: n/a

Contact info:

Other Film Sales at ’05 Festivals: “Factotum” (sold at Cannes ’05), “Chappelle’s Block Party” (sold at Toronto ’05)

Other info: Current or recent packaged films: “Fast Track”, “Southland Tales”
“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, “The Libertine”, “Girl With the Pearl Earring”. UTA Independent Film and Film Packaging Dept is engaged in film packaging, film finance, film & producer representation, domestic sales, distribution & international sales consultation.

Key staff: Christopher Pizzo, Laura McDonald

Sundance ’06 Slate: “Flannel Pajamas”, “Salvage”, “Old Joy”

Sundance ’05 Films: “Love, Ludlow” (sold), “The Forest For The Trees” (sold), “Room” (sold)

Previous Sundance Films: n/a

Contact info:
Washington Square Films
310 Bowery 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10012
Phone: 212/253-0333
FAX: 212/253-033O

Other Film Sales at ’05 Festivals: “The Outdoorsmen” (Tribeca, sold)

Other info: Washington Square Films’ film sales division handles licensing arrangements
for all film rights in North America. Additionally, the sales division has
well-established relationships with foreign sales companies and frequently
partners with them to license film rights in all territories outside of
North America. The film sales division also provides various consulting
services to independent film producers and to independent film funds.

Key staff: Cassian Elwes, Rena Ronson, Phil Alberstat, Jerome Duboz, Craig Kestel

Sundance ’06 Slate: “Come Early Morning”, “Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out”, “A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints”, “Half Nelson” (co-representing with Traction Media), “Moonshine”, “Open Window”, “Special”, “Stay”, “An Unreasonable Man” (with Fremantle Media)

Sundance ’05 Films: “Hard candy” (sold), “Wolf Creek” (sold)

Previous Sundance Films: n/a

Contact info:
William Morris Agency

Other Film Sales at ’05 Festivals: “Thank You For Smoking”, “Harsh Times”


Peter Broderick

I consult with filmmakers on distribution strategies. To maximize revenues, it is essential to proactively design a distribution strategy for each film rather than simply react to offers. I work with filmmakers to develop unique strategies which utilize state-of-the-art techniques for theatrical, video, and global distribution. I help filmmakers determine whether to make overall deals or split up the rights. I enable filmmakers to use the internet effectively to sell directly to core audiences in the U.S. and overseas, and to build personal audiences who will continue to support them in the future.

I have previously repped many features and documentaries at Sundance, including “Manic”; “Some Body”; “Blood, Guts, Bullets and Octane,” “The Hi-Line,” “The Same River Twice,” “Blue Vinyl,” “Sound and Fury,” and “Southern Comfort,” (which won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary).

Peter Broderick
Paradigm Consulting

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