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Slate Set for 2006 Tribeca All Access Connects Program

Slate Set for 2006 Tribeca All Access Connects Program

The Tribeca Film Institute has announced the 33 projects selected for the 2006 Tribeca All Access Connects Program, taking place during this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. The program connects U.S. directors and screenwriters of color with film industry insiders. 13 projects are narrative, including screenplays with a director attached, while 12 are documentary proposals. Of the remaining, six are screenplay only and two are part of the Signature Series which supports established filmmakers.

“Tribeca All Access reflects one of the main goals of the Festival – to broaden the filmmaking community so that fresh new voices are heard and their stories brought to the screen,” said Jane Rosenthal, co-founder of the Tribeca Film Institute, in a statement. The program will take place over four days, including one-on-one meetings and events to generate exposure for the work, from May 1 – 4. A single project will be awarded the Tribeca All Access Creative Promise Award, including $10,000 for narrative and documentary and $5,000 for screenplay only.


Director/Screenwriter: Francisco Ordonez
Producer: Sukee Chew
An ambitious college senior and committed atheist starts to see things differently after he infiltrates a militant religious cult. But is it spiritual clarity or incipient mania?

Beaded Road
Director: Elizabeth Day
Producer: Justin Davis
Screenwriter: Wenonah Wilms
A Native American tribal elder, haunted by an apparition from her childhood, embarks on a road trip with her teenage granddaughter, on a quest for answers that brings the two women together in spirit for the first time.

Before the Beast Returns
Director/Screenwriter: Sterlin Harjo
Co-Producers: Ted Kroeber, Chad Burris
A lifelong loser’s failed suicide attempt leads him on a quixotic journey towards self-awareness–and the true identity of Bigfoot.

The Chim
Director/Screenwriter: Wei Ling Chang
Co-Screenwriter: Kristen Gray Rockmaker
Told that he will die, a man must unravel the mystery of a chim in order to save himself in this supernatural thriller set against the wintry backdrop of Venice, Italy.

Director/Screenwriter: Maryam Keshavarz
Producers: Sean Shodahl, Suzi Yoonessi
Four stories, each related to the killing of a single soldier along the Iran-Iraq border, illuminate the fault lines of our increasingly interconnected world.

Cross My Heart
Director/Screenwriter: A.P Gonzalez
Producer: Barbara Boyle
An elderly man, who fears impending death, embarks on a journey through his neighborhood touching the lives of his East LA neighbors, determined to change their lives before he dies. Based on the novel The Road To Tamazunchale, by Ron Arias.

Dear Lemon Lima
Director/Screenwriter: Suzi Yoonessi
Producer: Amy Hobby
In an attempt to win back her ex-boyfriend, a lonely prep school misfit takes part in a rigorous survival competition and ends up competing against him.

Death By Drowning
Director/Producer/Screenwriter: Radha Bharadwaj
Producers: Dileep Singh Rathore, Emmanuel Pappas
An American professor finds himself drawn into a dangerous world of corruption, sensuality and deceit in this romantic thriller set in present day Bombay.

Director: JJ Goldberger
Screenwriters: Stacy Pyles, JJ Goldberger, Jelayne Miles
Producer: Beverley Gordon
Two love-struck teenagers from opposing worlds struggle to come together against a backdrop of escalating gang warfare in this contemporary musical set in South Central Los Angeles.

Director/Producer/Screenwriter: Eric Byler
A Native Hawaiian girl, vastly overweight by Western standards, falls for the most popular boy at Mapunapuna High School.

Director/Screenwriter: Aleta Chappelle
Producers: D.K. Holmes, Victoria Fredrick
Cast: Terrence Howard, Nona Gaye, Harry Lennix
Set on a beautiful island floating in the Caribbean Sea, Shakespeare’s Macbeth is retold in a modern-day West Indian setting.

Mosquita y Mari
Director/Screenwriter: Aurora Guerrero
Two teenage girlfriends struggle to make sense of their lives and the powerful bond between them in a pre-gentrified San Francisco, circa 1985.

One Night It Happened
Director/Screenwriter: Georgina Garcia Riedel
Producer: Alexis Garcia
After one-too-many broken hearts, a flighty British woman seeks a new life in sunny LA, but nothing works out as planned in this witty romantic comedy.

The Walls
Director/Screenwriter: Marcos Efron
An inmate recounts the moments in his life that led to his being hours away from execution.

Director/Screenwriter: Desha Dauchan
Producers: Sukee Chew, Tracey Kemble
Hotshot attorney Lissette Martine takes on a pro bono case that leads her towards the supernatural and forces her to face her own dark past.


Boom Baby Butterflies
Screenwriter: Jameel Khaja
Firdoz “Freddy” Khan escapes high school gym class by substituting an “easy credit” internship to study butterflies. Chaos ensues when his mentors disappear, and Freddy must rescue their legendary moths from a psycho Baby Boomer cult.

Screenwriter: Charisse Waugh
A poor black woman from Mississippi confronts a powerful corporation who is crippling her rural southern town in this story of corporate greed, personal triumph and modern day slavery. Based on a true story.

Eddie Hamburger
Screenwriter: Michael Golamco
A young clone goes in search of his creator while being pursued by his murderous employers, a rival corporation, and hordes of tiny Ninjas in this genetically engineered love story.

Homecoming Queen
Screenwriter: Rene Rawls
A troubled tomboy campaigns to defeat the school’s favorite sweetheart for the Homecoming Queen crown.

John Hughes Ruined My Life
Screenwriter: Milton Liu
A lonely and single thirty-something woman who grew up on John Hughes’ movies of the 80s finds that, in this day and age, searching for her Jake Ryan is more like “Some Kind of Terrible”.

Screenwriter: Ose Oyamendan
When Nazi forces invade France and take over a wealthy wine maker’s estate, he must protect his property and family members by becoming a servant for the German troops.


Director/Producer: Ariel Martinez
This is the fascinating story of the chess playing star, Julian Reyes, whose womanizing ways led to his ultimate spiritual destruction.

Fire Under the Snow
Director/Producer: Masako Tsumura
Co-Producers: Brian Murphy and Vladan Nikolic
The life of Palden Gyatso, the Buddhist Tibetan monk imprisoned and tortured by Chinese Communists for 33 years, is examined in this documentary. Through personal and poetic images of the monk’s current life in exile and the recounting of his memories, the film sheds light on his dramatic fate.

Free Angela & All Political Prisoners
Director: Shola Lynch
Executive Producer: Ramon Hervey II
Angela Davis, radical black activist and philosopher, talks for the very first time about being on the FBI’s Most Wanted List as a suspected conspirator in the abortive attempt to free George Jackson from a courtroom. These exclusive interviews give insight into her life, the trial and her astonishing acquittal in 1972.

Herb and Dorothy
Director/Producer: Megumi Sasaki
They were an ordinary couple with modest means, yet they managed to amass one of the most impressive art collections in history. Meet Herbert and Dorothy Vogel, whose shared passion defied stereotypes and redefined what it means to be an art collector.

Innocents Lost: Child Soldiers Go To War
Director/Producer: Gordon T. Skinner
Producer: Diana Williams, Jimmie Briggs
This is a first-person account about child soldiers who fight on the frontlines of today’s most horrific conflicts. The documentary makes sense of a world that uses them as pawns in the brutal and deadly game of war.

Little Caughnawaga: To Brooklyn & Back
Director: Reaghan Tarbell
Producer: Paul M. Rickard
At the beginning of the century a number of Mohawks moved to Brooklyn and created a thriving community of Mohawk ironworkers. This documentary portrays the story of one girls’ Mohawk grandmother and the parallels she draws between both of their lives.

Others Will Follow
Director/Producer: Brian Palmer
Producer: Vanessa Reiser Shaw
A searing look at Marine deployment in Iraq.

Out and About
Director/Producer: Sonali Gulati
Out and About explores the social and cultural stigmas related to South Asian parents having homosexual children. It deals with the severe social issues these families face whilst personally coming to terms with their children being gay.

Outside the Box
Director/Producer: Lacey Schwartz
The filmmaker’s personal exploration of her mixed-race identity leads to an examination of one of the most interesting and least understood subcultures in America, black Jews.

The Prep School Negro
Director: Andre Robert Lee
Consulting Producer: Shola Lynch
Children are handpicked from impoverished areas and placed into exclusive prep schools across the country. The documentary explores this controversial program and takes an exclusive look inside these elitist institutions. It includes interviews with former participants of the program, such as Damon Dash.

Reflections in Black
Director/Producer: Thomas Allen Harris
Producer: Deborah Willis, PhD
This documentary looks at the lives of a number of black photographers who from 1840 to the present used their cameras as tools for social change.

Director/Producer: Engi Wassef
This documentary offers a fascinating look into the world of Cairo’s garbage collectors, who are a close-knit community of Christian capitalists. They were largely ignored by most Egyptian citizens and yet managed to forge a place for themselves in a discouraging society.

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